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Things you do during the lockdown: Redecorating the kids room

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There was not much to do the last months, was there? We took the chance and redecorated the little one’s kids room. So here comes part one of a little room tour…

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Before Christmas the little one had only a small nursing room with the changing station, a shelf with some toys and that’s it. So during January and February we started to redecorate. We moved our bed in her nursing room and created a whole new kids room for our big girl in our former bedroom 🙂

For the record: She is still sleeping in our room. We have decided against sleep training or something similar and sleep in a what you could call “family bed” – minus the bed 😀 We have the mattresses and the slatted frame directly on the floor (too scared of our little whirlwind  falling out…) It sounds strange but it is actually quite comfy and very very nice. I know there is a huge discussion about what is “wright”, sleep training, own room, family bed… We do we, you do you. It’s all good as long as it feels good for you and your family 🙂

So, let’s start with our room tour, shall we? 🙂

Kids room in Germany – the play shelf

I wanted this part of the room to be a fun area, with bright colors. But also organized. It is a bit Montessori inspired. Every toy has it’s given place. That makes it easier to keep it clean and organized.

Let me point out her favorite toys (she’s 19 months old)

Toys in a German kids room

  1. Grimm’s rainbow – This is such a “must-have” at the moment 😀 You see the rainbow in nearly every kids room on Instagram, Pinterest and co. But what can I say, it is great! First of all, it looks good 🙂 Then there are thousands of ways the kids can play with it. At the moment she likes to sit in the circles 😀 One day they will become bridges for toy cars to drive over or caves/houses for little animals and dolls. We also practice colors with them actually. You find more information about Grimm’s rainbow here
  2. Plantoys instruments – not that it sounds like an angels choir but she likes to hammer on her drum and xylophone and enjoys it quite a lot. These instruments are from Plantoys
  3. Toniebox – This is another must-have in Germany. The Toniebox is a music box for little kids. Using it is super easy: You just have to squeeze one of the “ears” to turn it on and then place one of the many little figures on top of it. You can forward by “slapping” the box on the side. Most of the story- or song figures are in German but some come in English, too. Our little one is obsessed with it. And she already has her favorite songs and dances to them :-D. You can get a Toniebox through amazon for example as well as a Tonie figure with English songs [affiliate links].
  4. Lego Duplo Primo – These building blocks from Lego are designed for the youngest. But I fear they are not produced anymore?! We got them handed down and I have only seen them in second hand shops so far. But they are great! Super easy to put together and build towers with. Plus there are little cars and figures, too, that keep the little one occupied for quite some time. If you want to look for them you could check on eBay and eBay Kleinanzeigen.
  5. Imbucare Letter Box – Imbucare boxes stem from the Montessori approach of learning. They stimulate the development of eye-hand coordination. Due to its special design, Imbucare boxes encourage repetition and training of finger and hand (joint) motor skills. Our little one is nearly too old for this box but we still play with it from time to time. You can find the Imbucare letter box from Nienhuis here.
  6. Spinning top – The good, old spinning top 🙂 A classic that shouldn’t miss in any kids room. Ours is very similar to this one here [affiliate link]
  7. Hammer game – I am still debating with myself wether this hammer game where you knock the moles on the head is cute or cruel… But the little one likes it so all is good 🙂 You can find it on amazon for example [affiliate link]

So much about her play shelf. The potty on the right is actually not in use yet 😀 She likes to play pretend with it.

I hope this first part of the room tour was somewhat fun and interesting for you. Maybe you got the one or other inspiration for your little one’s room. And Easter is coming up so it you’re still in need for the one or other present… 🙂

What toys do your little ones love to play with? And is there any toy you would LOVE to buy but don’t find it here in Germany?

*about amazon affiliate links
Let’s face it, amazon isn’t your nice next door company. It is way better to buy stuff a) locally or – even better- b) second hand. But sometimes this is hard to do (lockdown…) and we order online (me included of course). So in that case, if you go to amazon via my affiliate link, amazon has to pay me a little compensation. That supports my work here on the blog and at the same time the big global player amazon supports a little Stuttgart-based blogger and does at least some good 🙂



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