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Toys for 18 months old children in Germany

toys for 18 months old children in Germany

Are you looking for toys for 18 months old children in Germany? I know that a lot of international parents in Germany have troubles finding the right toys as here in Germany, we might have different brands then you do in your home country. So I thought I put together some posts about great gift ideas for kids in various ages. Here come my recommendations for toys for 18 months old children in Germany.

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Creativity toys for 18 months old children in Germany

These colorful pencils can be used as water colors and even on glass! And here comes what mom and dad will like the most: They can be removed easily! 🙂

Theses finger crayons are super easy to hold for little fingers. Great for kids that are just about to start painting.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can start with this Aqua Doodle set. There will definitely be no stains – just wet clothes 🙂

Toys for little engineers

We got this latches board from a friend (Hi Lora :-)) and the little one LOVES it! It keeps her occupied for quite some time. She can open most of the latches herself now. It is also great for pracicing colors. We ask her for example “Where are the orange fish?” and then she thinks about it and opens the door. And one day, we can use it for practicing counting as the number of animals behind the doors varies between 1 and 6.

The good old wooden building blocks. Who hasn’t created the most amazing cities with them? They definitely belong in every kid’s room and are a great choice of toys for 18 months old children in Germany.

And here comes another classic: Lego duplo building blocks. I don’t think I have to introduce them to you any further 😉

The fascination kids have with railways is amazing. Our little one laughs every time she sees the S-Bahn pass by. So you can imagine how much joy she has with her little wooden railway 🙂

Why does the big carrot not fit into this whole? What seems so easy for us is a whole new world for our kids. This wooden puzzle does not only look cute, it teaches the little ones a lot about size, logic and motor skills.

Activity toys for 18 months old children in Germany

I ALWAYS wanted a Bobby car when I was a kid! So you can imagine that OF COURSE our little one got one when she was still to small to sit on it 😀 You can buy a lot of gadgets nowadays, a blinking horn, shoe protectors, whisper wheels and much more.

Another great vehicle for 18 months old children in Germany is the Pukymoto. It offers a more dynamic and sporty ride than with a classic slip vehicle and is considered an ideal precursor to the wheel.

In case you’re looking for a tricycle for your little one, the Puky Fitsch is a great choice (you see, we Germans love our Puky :-))


Pikler triangles are a great invention as you can use them indoors and they invite your little one to move, climb and be active. This one is eco and easy to store away.

Here comes your multi use activity station for 18 month old children in Germany and older children too of course. You can put it together in many different ways, build towers and houses and caves… And you can use it in- and outdoors. Definitely a toy your children will love for many years.

A sling is always beloved by kids. Due to the safety bar and the additional seatbelt the kid is double secured.

Other fun toys for 18 months old children in Germany

I feel like there is a wooden Grimm’s rainbow in every German family household these days 😀 But what can I say, we have one, too and we love it. It does not only look great, it offers so many ways to play with, it is amazing.

A baby doll is definitely another must-haves of toys for 18 months old children in Germany. I love this one because of the many realistic and loving details such as body wrinkles and realistic hands, feet and face. You can even bath this cutie.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Playmobil. Event more than with Lego I have to say. And so is my little one. The Playmobil 1-2-3 series is a great choice for 18 months old kids in Germany who just start playing with figures.

This toy is a great combination of two activities, 18 month old kids love to do spend their time with: Hammering around on things and creating sounds. It is a hammering game and a xylophone!

Our little one is obsessed with vehicles theses days. “Tractor” was one of her first words. So this set of four different vehicles is definitely a great choice of toys for 18 months old children in Germany.

With this wooden puzzle your kids learn to concentrate, to differentiate between different forms, to pick up little items and they practice recognizing different animals all at the same time.

So these are my recommendations for toys for 18 months old children in Stuttgart. What does your kid love to play with? Do you miss it on this list? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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