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Please note: during the pandemic I only offer online private conversation coachings. My conversation groups will return once the situation has become better. 

Private Online German Conversation Coaching

In my private online conversation coaching we can focus exactly on what helps you to improve your spoken German. With beginners, I focus on different “scenarios” like “grocery shopping”, “smalltalk with neighbors”, “taking the public transport” and such. If you are experienced in speaking German but would like to improve your skills in a certain area (holding a speech, vocabulary for your work field, job interview…) we can do this in my individual coaching as well. And for everybody in between: We will see what you need 🙂 I like working with free speech (eg you telling me how your weekend was) and local newspaper articles.

  • 1 to 1 online conversation, Monday and Wednesday  afternoon or evening, 30 minutes for 20 Euro/catch-up, 45 minutes for 30 Euro/catch-up
  • Couples or private groups: Please contact me for an individual offer

Please note: We will not focus on grammar in my Conversation Coaching. It will be all about you losing your fear to speak in German and to finally become comfortable saying what’s on your mind without thinking too much about grammar rules. It is important for me to create a safe and fun atmosphere where everybody feels welcome and comfortable to use their German. But of course, we will look at certain topics if needed.

Who is your coach?

Some words about myself: When you read my blog here on Living in Stuttgart for a while you might know a bit about me already. I am a  blogger and journalist from Stuttgart and have lived abroad during my studies for quite some time in Prague, Sydney, Glamorgan and Brussels. It was always important to me to speak the language of the country where I was staying at so next to English and French I also studied Czech for a while.

What I’ve found out during my time abroad: Official language courses are important to learn the basic rules of a language. But when it comes to speaking, the official setting never worked for me. An example: I’ve studied English in highschool for eight years but was not able to have a proper conversation with a native speaker when I left school. But when I was studying in Sydney and later in Glamorgan I made local friends and hung out with them. And that’s when I became more and more comfortable with speaking English.

Based on my own experience I am convinced that you only learn to speak a foreign language when you feel comfortable and amongst friends. And that’s the kind of atmosphere I want to create in my German Conversation Groups.

I am no language teacher but a journalist by profession. Thus I am not the one who explains you the grammar rules but the one who gets you talking 🙂

What former participants say

This is exactly the German conversation course I have been looking for! I took this conversation course and simply loved the relaxed concept of gaining self confidence in talking German with no focus on grammar. Mel is very friendly and made me feel comfortable from day one. We also had some fun interaction games with local Germans! I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their level in German conversation.
Claire, Malta

I liked the friendly and supportive atmosphere and learning more about the local area.
Heather, Scotland

While working full time, I was looking for a group to practice speaking German, without the stress of the formal classroom. Mel’s group fit my needs perfectly, meeting once a week, in a small group setting. By being out and about in the city at a different location each week, the group was also a nice way to explore my new city with the expertise of a local leading the way. I feel more confident attempting to speak German as a result of participating in this group.
Julie, USA

The group really helped me with my German. First the way Melanie helps us when we got stuck with a word, she is already helping you to say it or even reading our minds. 🙂 Also I felt comfortable with the level of the language of my class members.
Adriana, Mexico

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