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Part two of my room tour of our German kids room

German kids room

After I have started showing you the play shelf in my last post I will now turn around and introduce you the rest of our German kids room.

[Post with amazon affiliate links* and other links to shops where I bought the furniture and decoration of our German kids room.]

Let’s start with these cute wardrobes.

German kids room

Aren’t they adorable! At first I thought they resemble little houses but then I noticed they look like changing rooms how you find them in sea towns. One thing I didn’t like about them tough is that the mechanism of how you attach the “roof” to the wardrobe isn’t working a 100 percent. The screws are somewhat to long or so for the wardrobe and can damage the surface a bit. We bought them online here but I just noticed that the price has increased in the last months…

The drawer on the left is actually an old one from our bedroom. It is an IKEA  Malm.

What I love the most about this corner of the room are the colorful dots. They are wall tattoos and easy to remove once the little one doesn’t like them anymore one day. As soon as I have put them up, they have changed the whole atmosphere of this part of the room, making it joyful and cozy. I found them here on etsy and simply ordered three different colors.

The lamp with the lion head on the drawer is the newest accessory of the German kids room. I actually ordered it online on my birthday so it is more a present for me then for her 🙂

OK, let’s move on the the next wall…

German kids room bed

As I have mentioned in my last post, the little one doesn’t sleep in her own bed yet (it is used for reading books in it at the moment:-)). But when she decides to do so she will have her own little house to sleep in 🙂 This bed is very low so it is easy for her to climb in and out by herself. There is also a “fence” which is half as long als the length of the bed that we can attach to it on the open side to prevent her from falling out at night. We simply put a blanked on top of the bed to make it even more cozy. I found this beauty on etsy, too, but unfortunately the shop doesn’t seem to sell it anymore.

The little bunny flying away with a balloon is a wall tattoo, too. I found it on amazon [affiliate link]. However, we didn’t use the stars that come with it but ordered golden dots from this etsy shop.

The seat is an old one from our former living room. It is an IKEA Ektorp.

kids room in Germany

Next to the seat we have a little Montessori inspired book shelf. All the books face the little one when she is standing in front of her shelf so it easy for her to find the book she wants to look at. We bought it online here.

In the middle of the room we have an activity area. The mats on the floor are from Ikea as well, called Plufsig. You can fold them when you want to store them away and they are water resistant and thus also easy to clean.

The wooden activity center is again from etsy. The set consists of the climbing triangle with three different sides, the bridge that is a rocking toy when you turn it around and the slide that can also become a bridge as you can see in the picture above. The set was actually a birthday present from her grandparents and now, in her new kids room, we finally have enough space to put all three parts up together. She loves it 😀

So this is our German kids room. How does your little one’s kids room look like?

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