Services for Expats in Stuttgart

Services for Internationals in Stuttgart

You can benefit from the local experience of Mel from Living in Stuttgart in person. Just choose from the following services:

Local Buddy Support

You’ve just arrived in Stuttgart? Book my Local Buddy Support or Welcome Package. With my support services I help you deal with smaller or bigger obstacles – might it be telephone calls, research or accompanying you to a meeting in German. And with my Welcome Page I show you around your new neighborhood and  hometown and help you feel like a local as soon as possible.

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Relocation Service

You will relocate to Stuttgart soon? Moving to a new country can be quite overwhelming. In Germany in general it is the bureaucracy that many people dread who are coming here. And a Stuttgart specific task that can be quite challenging is finding a place to live. If you don’t want to face these obstacles by yourself, how about taking advantage of an experienced relocation agent? I have teamed up with reloxx relocation service, THE relocation service in Stuttgart when it comes to experience AND friendliness.

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Conversation Groups and Language Training

Please note: Due to the pandemic I cannot offer conversation groups at the moment. What I do offer are online conversation meetings, either 1-to-1 or in a private group of 2.

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Once the pandemic is over, my groups will return:

Join the one of my  German Conversation Groups in Stuttgart! We meet once a week in a coffee shop/restaurant in downtown Stuttgart – or step outside and train our language skills on the streets. And if you want to improve your spoken German in a private setting, I also offer private tutoring or groups.

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When you’re planning to move to Stuttgart and want to brush up your German language skills in advance, you can book my Stuttgart focused Language Training.

Based on articles about Stuttgart you will brush up your spoken German in online calls. This is a great way to improve your German and learn more about your new hometown at the same time!

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