Local Buddy Support Stuttgart


Whether you’re moving to Stuttgart or have just arrived here you can benefit from Living in Stuttgart’s Local Buddy Support – the best and most relaxed way to settle down in your new hometown!

Moving to a new country is a great adventure: You will get to know a new culture, make new friends and explore new corners of the world. But it can feel a bit intimidating, too: You have to deal with a foreign language, new habits and an unknown environment. What helps you settling down in your new home is a Local Buddy who speaks the language, knows the way around and is there for you. This is where my Local Buddy Support comes into play:

  • You need help finding a place to live?
  • You want to make an appointment with a doctor but don’t speak German?
  • You need to buy a car but don’t know where to start searching?

Book my Local Buddy Service and get the support you need from a native German speaker and Stuttgart local!

The questions and problems named here are just examples. The challenges you might be facing when planning to move to Stuttgart or after arriving here will be very individual. Use the contact form below and inquire about your personal Local Buddy Support.

What former clients say

I also must recommend with the highest of praise, a German woman from Stuttgart, who runs a blog and became an integral part of helping me navigate the challenges of planning my wedding in Germany. I found Melanie Buck’s blog before I even moved here and she has helped me with translating, phone calls, and general information to put this all together. She runs www.living-in-stuttgart.com and can help with a number of services from research, to local advice, to translating and accompanied appointments. She’s incredibly kind and wonderful, and was always reliable. You can find out more about her and her services here: https://living-in-stuttgart.com/servic…/local-buddy-support/ The best part was that she was also incredibly affordable!
Brittany, USA

What the Local Buddy Support includes

  • Research services (eg. when you want to buy a car, find a flat, organize an event…)
  • Accompaniment to appointments (eg. to the city hall, a house sighting, a doctor…)
  • Local advice (eg. about the different neighborhoods of Stuttgart, where to find a specific doctor close to where you live, what you have to do when your housing contract says you have to do “Kehrwoche”…)

What the Local Buddy Support doesn’t include

  • Legal advice
  • Certified translation services

What the Local Buddy Support costs

39 Euro/hour

I’m here for you when you want to start into your new life in Stuttgart and feel at home as soon as possible! Contact me via the form below and inquire about your personal Local Buddy Support today!

    Local Buddy – Welcome Package

    I also offer a Local Buddy – Welcome Package that helps you get to know Stuttgart and your new neighborhood quickly and feel like a local within a few days. Find out more about the Local Buddy – Welcome Package here!