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Will you be relocating to Stuttgart soon? If you don’t want to organize everything by yourself you might want to hire a relocation service. Such a service offers support with various tasks like finding a place to stay (which can be quite tough in Stuttgart), finding a kindergarden or school for your kids or helping you with all the paperwork (which is usually a lot in German) to name just a few. I have found a relocation service company that I can highly recommend because of their personal, very supportive approach: reloxx. I’ve reached out to them to form a partnership because I really think this company can provide very useful support for expats who are relocating to Stuttgart. In this post I introduce their services to you and point out why I think these guys are special and truly amazing.

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reloxx was founded in 2004 by Veerle Ullrick in order to support families and individuals who were relocating to Stuttgart. Veerle: “I know from personal experience what a difference it makes to feel at home in a new city, country and culture from the first moment on.”

Relocating to Stuttgart reloxx Veerle Ullrick
Relocation with a smile is offered by Veerle Ullrick and her company reloxx. Picture credit: reloxx relocation service

And she really does: After having undertaken numerous international moves to Chicago, Düsseldorf, Warsaw and finally to Stuttgart, she personally knows what it means to move house, children and home, and she understands the special challenges involved in settling into a new environment. I think her personal experience is the best qualification for her job as relocation agent and her insights and her understanding of the situation make her services truly outstanding.

What to expect when relocating to Stuttgart with reloxx

reloxx offers several relocation packages that you can book individually or combined.

If you want a concise overview of your new city in order to make quick decisions about where it’s best to live you can book the First View package. Veerle and her team will provide you with a lot of insider information like information about the housing market, an overview of the public transportation system, details about the health system, the school system and more. A tour and guided walk are also included in this package.

The beautiful Schlossplatz in Stuttgart.
Stuttgart is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer.

Once you have made up your mind that you want to relocate to Stuttgart you will have to find a place to live. And that is quite a task here as flats and houses are scarce and high in demand. It is definitely helpful to have an expert by your side who knows the housing situation and has contacts to real estate agencies. reloxx offers a House & Home package that includes research and pre-screening of suitable properties, a guided tour of potential residences, negotiation and closure of rental contracts, registration for utilities such as electricity, gas, water, telephone, internet and more.

finding a place to live when relocating to Stuttgart
Finding a place to live in Stuttgart can be challenging. reloxx supports you and takes the steps towards your new home with you. Picture credit:

Nothing moves in Germany without a paper trail, and compared to most countries there is an overwhelming number of official registration forms to complete. The whole process is daunting and extremely time consuming, especially if you speak no or only little German. When you book the Registration package, reloxx will handle all of the registration steps for you with a view to minimizing the number that you personally need to attend. This includes for example registration at the city and public works authorities, car permits driver’s license applications, school registrations and more.

relocating to Stuttgart registration
Nothing goes without paperwork in Gemany. Picture credit:

Even when you’re leaving Stuttgart again you can count on reloxx and their Departure service. Veerle and her team are happy to manage all the official paperwork on your behalf like cancellation of utilities and verification of final billings, notice of address change at the city authorities, closure of bank accounts and such.

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Get in touch

The team of reloxx is specially trained and experienced in managing the personal and family issues involved in relocating employees to Stuttgart, whether they are coming from within Germany or from around the world. Veerle herself is multi-lingual and happy to work with you in your native language, whether that’s German, English, French, Spanish or Dutch. Veerle: “I am delighted to help you and your family settle into your new environment – to help you find your way, to help you build new relationships, and to make you feel at home.”

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If you are interested in more information about the relocation services offered by reloxx you can contact Veerle and her team directly via the following form:

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