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Being the mom of a 10 months old baby in Stuttgart

Being the mom of a 10 months old baby in Stuttgart

Wow, I feel like this was the most intense month so far. The little one has picked up so much and has undergone so many changes. I can tell you, being the mom of a 10 months old baby in Stuttgart can be both, challenging and exciting at the same time! 🙂

But before I start one word about the picture at the beginning of this post: HOW GREEN IS THE BACKGROUND?! 🙂 I look as if I am hiking through some rainforest! Whereas it is just Schmellbachtal between Stuttgart-Rohr and Leinfelden! We are blessed with the lush nature in and around Stuttgart, aren’t we?!

How is the little one at 10 months?

She is SO active! After she had started to pull herself up last month she is standing now whenever she can. She is standing when she is flipping through picture books that are lying on the couch, she is standing and leaning against the mirror and “talking” to herself, she is even standing when we have to change her diapers (yep.. quite a challenge… :-D).

standing baby in Stuttgart

And not enough that she is standing now, she even started to climb up the stairs and to walk when she can hold on to something. And now, that she has acquired theses new skills, she wants to practice them all the time! So you can imagine there is a lot climbing up and down stairs and walking around and through the house. My poor back.. 😀

While on the one hand she got more active through these new skills on the other hand she got more relaxed regarding her sleep. I think it has to do with the fact that all the four new teeth that I could see coming through are now there and don’t hurt her anymore. And according to The Wonder Weeks [affiliate link] she is in between two development steps at the moment and thus this is a relaxed phase right now anyway.

After she hasn’t eaten much for a little while last month she is now back to her old self and enjoys the purrees I make her as well as little samples of our food. If you are curious to find out more about the German way of introducing solid food to your baby check out this article that I have put together a few weeks ago.

Oh, and she can say “Papa” now! With a real “P”. You can guess who was especially happy about that 🙂

What is she loving lately?

  • Riding her rocking animal. We got this adorable giraffe from labebe [affiliate link] second hand from Ebay Kleinanzeigen. It is not only a rocking animal, it also has four wheels so we can push her through the house on it. She loves it!! She looks so proud when she is riding her giraffe. It is too adorable!
  • The ball pool I got for her recently on Ebay Kleinanzeigen. It looks like this one [affiliate link] and she loves picking out balls and throwing them in the hallway. Yeah, I know, like this I can join in the “fun” when I have to pick up all the balls afterwards… mom in Stuttgart
  • Being in the garden. She always wants to go outside. When it was raining the last few weeks she used to point out through the window to the garden and look at me with her big eyes. I know, there is no bad weather, only wrong clothes – but I really didn’t feel like crawling through the muddy garden so I had to break her little heart and we stayed inside (with all her toys, books, the ball pool.. I know, what a burden ;-)) But now that the sun is out again we go out a lot and she loves it. There is so much to see and discover like grass, birds, snail…

I can’t wait for summer to arrive. We have bought a baby pool (guess where, Ebay Kleinanzeigen of course :-)) and I am SO looking forward to watching her splash the water in it:-D


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