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Toys for 1 year old children in Germany

toys for 1 year old children in Germany

In this series I introduce you to great gift ideas for kids in Germany. Some of them stem from German brands, some are international but all of them can be purchased easily in Germany. In this post I point out toys for 1 year old children in Germany.

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Our little one got this ring pyramid around her first birthday and she is still playing with it (she is 20 months old now). It is great for practicing hand eye coordination and arm movement. The big holes in the middle the rings help with stacking them on (we have another pyramid where the holes are much smaller, that was a bit frustrating for her at the beginning). Nowadays she uses the rings as bracelets 😀

We have a toddler walker quite similar to this one. I didn’t want to go for one of the combinations with toys/activity games etc as I want her to concentrate  on one thing at a time. It was great watching her taking her first steps with the help of the walker. Small steps towards more independence, away from mom and dad’s helping hands 🙂 Nowadays the walker is still in use as a stroller for her toys!

A ball pool definitely belongs to the category great toys for 1 year old children in Germany and older! It is still a hit in our house and I reckon it will be for a long time. This model also looks good (we got a used one on eBay Kleinanzeigen and we hide it in a corner because it is way to pink for our taste 😀

A set of finger puppets are great toys for 1 year old children in Germany! This set of forest friends  also teaches them which animals live in our local woods.

At the age of one you can start offering easy puzzles. This wooden one teaches the kids a bit about farm life and the pieces can be easily taken in an out by little hands thanks to the extra large wooden buttons.

This wooden play center is one of the toys for 1 year old children in Germany that will stay in your household for quite some time. Around one the kids start sorting out which form goes into which opening. Then the gear wheels become interesting, then the wooden clock… Definitely a great toy.

Building blocks become a thing when your little one turns one year. These ones are extra big so they can be picked up and put on top of each other easily.

I hope this list was helpful to you for finding toys for 1 year old children in Germany.

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