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Events this July in Stuttgart

What a summer, right? It doesn’t feel like we’re in Stuttgart anymore but somewhere in a more southern region with these degrees above 30… The only thing that’s missing is the sea – but wait, there is something coming up this month that will bring us closer to the ocean… You’ll find more information about it later in this post ;-). July in Stuttgart is traditionally the month of street festivals and you will see that many of them are coming up soon. So let’s make the most of the tropical temperatures and join as many open air events as possible!

  • On July 1 the New English American Theater will perform their Dark Monday series at Merlin.
  • The North Star Boyschoir from Minnesota, US, will present American Folk Music at St. Michael church in Sillenbuch on July 2.
  • Until July 14 you can enjoy many international dance companies at Colours Dance Festival. And between July 2 and 7 you can watch the dancers practice for free at Meet the Talents.
  • Between July 4 and 7 you can celebrate on Stuttgart’s hottest public square: At Marienplatzfest food trucks, live music and very hip people await you.
  • Jazzopen Stuttgart will bring world class stars into town between July 4 and 14. And even if you haven’t gotten tickets for Christina Aguilera, Jamie Cullum, Sting and the others you can still enjoy their great music just by coming downtown and sitting down somewhere close to Schlossplatz (I recommend the stairs next to Kunstmuseum).
  • How about a trip to Las Vegas? You don’t even have to leave town. The show Cirque du Vegas will be performed at Friedrichsbau Varieté between July 4 and 14. Listen to songs from Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones and the one and only Elvis, enjoy acrobatics, magic, pole dance and ballet and dive into the crazy world of Las Vegas for one night. The show will be held mainly in German but you don’t need to speak the language to enjoy the different acts.
  • Colours Dance Festival takes Swing dance to the street on July 5 at Dorotheenquartier.
  • On July 5 a street festival for families is going on at Erwin-Schöttle-Platz.
  • If you want to meet new people from all over the world, visit the event Let’s meet at Schocken on July 5.
  • And another free and open air event presented by Colours Dance Festival in the streets of Stuttgart: On July 5 and 6 you can watch the performance Three Ages at Schlossplatz.
  • Three public pools organize a special festival for kids this July in Stuttgart with many special games: This public pools festival takes place at Freibad Rosental in Vaihingen on July 5, at Freibad Möhringen at July 6 and at Freibad Sillenbuch at July 7.
  • Bring your picknick blanket and come to the Summer Open Air at the Botanical Garden of Schloss Hohenheim on July 6. Here you can listen to the University Concert Band while snacking the night away.
  • You like BMX bike sport? Then you will be delighted to hear that the BMX German Championship will be held in Stuttgart between July 6 and 7!
  • Hofflohmärkte/Backyard Flea Markets are a fun way to explore the different quarters of Stuttgart and to shop for fun second hand stuff at the same time. You have the chance to do so in Degerloch on July 6. Events this May in Stuttgart: visit a fea market!
  • Mercedes-Benz-Museum organizes a special Family Day on July 7 with a huge program for kids and free entry to the exhibition.
  • Enjoy a romantic sunset at the Swabian Taj Mahal, the Grabkapelle upon Württemberg, on July 7. Usually the area around the chapel is closed in the evening but this summer it is open for one night every month and you can listen to soft Jazz music and have a cold drink from the catering bar.
  • At the library in Feuerbach a theater play for kids in English will be performed on July 10: Mrs. Jellybelly goes to the Seaside.
  • A fun and rather alternative street festival is Westallee at Johannesstraße and Lerchenplatz. Between July 11 and 13 you can enjoy urban art, live music and fresh food but also shop for vinyl records. Your kids await a special program, too.
  • Stuttgart will get a new singer-songwriter festival: Bunter Beton/Colourful Concrete will be held mainly at the parking deck Züblin and is on between July 11 and 14.
  • The Hamburger Fischmarkt/Fish Market Hamburg will be back in town between July 11 and 21! During this time Karlsplatz is the place to go for fresh fish, scampi and the one or other glass of wine.
  • Between July 12 and 14 the Afrika Festival at Erwin-Schöttle-Platz will enchant you. Enjoy food, music and a rich cultural program from the colourful continent.
  • Colours Dance Festival takes you up to Villa Reizenstein on July 13 where you cannot only enjoy dance performances and mini workshops but also the fantastic view from the garden of the seat of the government of Baden-Württemberg which is usually closed to the public.
  • Shop for used stuff at  Hofflohmärkte Möhringen on July 13.
  • One of the most enchanted festivals is Lichterfest Killesberg. Explore the beautiful park on July 13, marvel at the beautiful light installations after sunset and enjoy the firework at night – and don’t forget to bring a picknick blanket.

    Beautiful Lichterfest in Stuttgart
    Photo credit: in.Stuttgart / Isabell_Munck
  • Colours Dance Festival organizes a special Family Dance Day at Wilhelma on July 14 (please note: Instructions at workshops will be in German)
  • A special concert will be held at Feuersee on July 14: The Stuttgarter Saloniker will perform a Water Concert on a raft at Feuersee. The audience listens from picknick blankets around the lake. What a great idea, right?!
  • Stuttgart will become even more international between July 16 and 21 with the Summer Festival of Cultures/Sommerfest der Kulturen. Enjoy food, music and a colourful entertainment program from all over the globe.
  • This is something for all moms-to-be in Stuttgart: There is a free info event for expecting moms going on at Welcome Center Stuttgart on July 17 organized by Kiramiga.
  • India and movies – that goes together like Stuttgart and Maultaschen 🙂 Between July 17 and 21 you have the chance to enjoy many Indian movies at the Indian Film Festival that will be held at Metropol cinema.
  • Bohnenviertelfest is another lovely street festival in Stuttgart that you don’t want to miss. The beautiful backdrop of the historical quarter is just one reason to visit it between July 18 and 20.
  • Between July 18 and 28 the LGBT community celebrates the Christopher Street Day 2019. The highlight will definitely be the big parade through the city center on July 27, followed by a Hocketse/street festival on July 27 and 28.

    CSD Stuttgart
    Photo credit:
  • At the beginning of this post I’ve promised that Stuttgart will move close to the ocean this month. Actually, Stuttgart will get its own sea this July in Stuttgart: Stuttgart am Meer/Stuttgart at the sea is the name of the summer festival of Stadtpalais that will be going on between July 18 and September 8. Next to a public pool a huge wave will be installed where you can go surfing. Moreover, the area around the palais will turn into a lush rainforest that brings nature directly into the city.
  • Wilhelma, the zoo and botanical garden of Stuttgart, will turn into a green concert hall on July 19. At several places you can listen to classical music performed by Staatsorchester Stuttgart and there will also be special performances for kids.
  • On July 19 teens (16 and older) can participate in a comic workshop in English at Café Adria and learn how to create interesting characters.
  • Celebrate Flamenco at the annual festival Flamenquitos between July 19 and August 3.
  • When the east of Stuttgart celebrates it gets hot. Live music, theater performances, circus attractions and of course food and drinks await you at Lange Ost Nacht/Long East Night on July 20.
  • At Cannstatter Kulturmenü you can explore the rich diversity this quarter has to offer when it comes to art, music and food on July 20.
  • Bring a picknick blanket, some snacks and good friends and enjoy Shades of White at Ballet im Park in front of the opera house on July 20.
  • On July 21 Killesberg and many of its attached cultural institutions celebrate a stylish Summer Festival.
  • Did you know that Wilhelmsplatz used to be the place where the hangman/Henker performed this cruel duty ages ago? Luckily things have changed and only the name of the annual street festival Henkersplatzfest reminds of these dark days. Nowadays it is just another fun street festival with live music and great food that is going on between July 24 and 27.

Courses for English-speakers at volkshochschule stuttgart

As you guys know I have formed a non-paid cooperation with volkshochschule stuttgart for this semester. From my previous post about their new international program you might remember that I am a huge fan of their new courses in English. This semester I want to point out their courses every month. Here is what awaits us this July in Stuttgart:

Transparency: This article contains unpaid advertisements. In this post I point out events that are going on this July in Stuttgart that I can recommend personally. I did not get paid by the organizers to do so. Paid contend is always highlighted as such on Living in Stuttgart. Moreover, I researched the information about the events to my best knowledge but I cannot be hold responsible for any inaccuracy.


Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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