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New Evening Market in Bad Cannstatt

Hi guys! I discovered a new market recently – the Evening Market in Bad Cannstatt. The Abendmarkt on every Friday night ’til the end of September and offers food stands, an entertainment program that varies from week to week plus the cozy atmosphere of the old center of Bad Cannstatt. The market is not huge but you have a small selection of food and drinks.

Evening Market in Bad Cannstatt

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 2

As a vegetarian, it was clear that the sausage stands were not for me so I headed over to a stand that was selling African food. Good decision Smiley I chose the chickpea vegetable stew and was very satisfied. If you’re brave, you can add very hot sauce to your dish (I chickpead out … uhm, chickened out Smiley mit herausgestreckter Zunge).

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 3

To drink, my friend and I had something really special: Rosecco! That’s prosecco that tastes like roses. Very very nice!

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 4

When we returned our glasses at the end of the night to get our glass deposit (called a Pfand) each of us got a rose instead of the usual Euro. Nice idea Smiley

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 5

As I mentioned earlier, Evening Market in Bad Cannstatt offers a different program each week. When I was there, it was “Comedy Night”.

Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt 6

Four young comedians performed live on stage and you could vote for your favorite. They were quite good actually.

On the 11th of September, it’s Croatian night and on the 18th, it’s kids’ night Smiley.

So if you have no plans for the upcoming Friday nights, check out this new market!

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Abendmarkt Bad Cannstatt (only in German)


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