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Reboot yourself with an English Meditation class in Stuttgart

Stef Lantin Reboot Meditation Stuttgart

Do you know this feeling: You are stressed – maybe because of work, maybe because of personal reasons – and can’t unwind and relax? Maybe you even feel some form of anxiety that makes your heartbeat rise and you can’t do anything about it. I am someone who is quite active and always on the go. On the one hand that is a good thing as I like doing a thousand things at a time, on the other hand I can have a hard time winding down. So when Stef from REBOOT Meditation reached out to me and asked me if I would like to try her English Meditation class in Stuttgart I was convinced instantly. Please see below my review of her class.

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The studio where Stef is offering her English Meditation class in Stuttgart is located in a lovely old building. You have to walk through a lush garden first until you find the door and enter. The meditation room is big and open, the light is dim and you feel that this is a place of relaxation instantaneously.

Stef came to the door to greet me with a warm welcome. She is full of energy but at the same time there is something soothing about her presence that makes you feel calm right away.

With Stef after the English meditation class in Stuttgart

I changed into more comfy clothes and sat down on a mat on the floor. Stef had prepared two different pillows for me to sit on and I could try which one felt better. I was even offered a nice cup of tea which I was drinking while she explained the concept of her meditation class to me.

Stef guides through the meditation with her soft voice, giving you friendly instructions like “focus on your breathing” and “follow the air in your body” which help you concentrate on these simple exercises. The meditation is supported by relaxing background music which I liked a lot, as it also helped me focus. Moreover, in every class Stef will introduce a new topic. For my class it was “living in the present”. What is important to Stef: There is no right or wrong when it comes to meditation. Everything that feels good to you in this moment IS good for you. She even encourages you to change position during the meditation if you start feeling uncomfortable, or cover yourself in a blanket (which she has thoughtfully placed next to your mat) when you feel cold. I’ve always thought the rules for meditation are very strict and that you should not move while meditating so I was quite relieved. I even changed my position once at the end of the class and didn’t feel weird about doing so.

Stef’s English meditation class in Stuttgart starts with her encouraging you to write down whatever is on your mind in that moment. This is something I’ve never heard of before but it was a very nice idea. At the beginning you might not know what to write (and Stef will ensure you that not writing anything is just as fine!) but once you start, you might not be able to stop 🙂 That’s at least how I felt. There are so many things going on in our minds every second. This exercise helps you to put down any thoughts that might bug you at that point in time. And with writing them down you allow your mind to let go of them so that it is free for the meditation. For me, it absolutely worked.

English meditation class in Stuttgart

Then Stef began guiding me through the meditation exercises. I’ve never done much meditation before, despite some additional minutes at the end of a yoga class I was taking. But that was about it! Sitting still and concentrating on your breathing for 45 minutes always seemed like something I wouldn’t be able to do. But guess what? When the meditation came to an end I didn’t want it to stop! It felt so good. I was really relaxed, my whole body was soft and warm and I felt very comfy on my mat and pillow. I could have seriously continued on for another hour.

The English meditation class in Stuttgart ended as it began: picking up pen and paper and writing down what was your mind following the meditation. It felt like closing the loop. I can imagine that there will be days you come in with a question that has been on your mind for days and at the end of the class you will have found the answer. In my case on that day I just wrote down that I feel very happy and in balance with myself and that I will be back for more classes 🙂

Who benefits from Stef’s English meditation class in Stuttgart?

When the class was over I had the opportunity to talk to Stef for a little while. I was curious to find out who benefits most from her English meditation class from her point of view. She explained to me that in the end, meditation is for everybody and for any levels. In our fast moving, highly digitalized world, finding peace of mind is something everyone benefits from. Her classes are designed to suit newcomers as well as people who are experienced with meditation already, as her approach is her unique style and will offer a new experience to any participants.

As you guys know, I am pregnant in the third trimester and I can tell you that the meditation felt really, really good even in this state. And I can imagine that pregnant women benefit highly from meditation in general. Pregnancy often comes with some form of anxiety. You hope the baby is fine, you wonder how the birth will be and much more. This can really drive you crazy and prevent you from falling asleep at night or make you uneasy and restless during the day. Sitting down and concentrating on nothing but your breathing can help you escape these thoughts – whilst at the beginning you may only get in control of your thoughts during the class, the more you meditate the more you will learn the skill to manage those beyond the classroom environment.

Last but not least, apart from her English meditation class in Stuttgart Stef also offers a meditation class in French in the same studio in Stuttgart! As Stef herself is a French citizen from Guadeloupe, I am sure her guided meditation is at least as good in French as it is in English 🙂

Where and when do the classes take place?

The classes are held every Thursday mornings. The Studio is only 10 min away by bus from Stuttgart main station. To sign-up for a class please do so directly via her meetup page:

Weekly classes on Thursday mornings:

• Early bird class in English at 6.30am
• French class at 9.15am
• English class at 10.30am

Additional classes and workshops (all events are listed on the Reboot Meditation Meetup page):

Often Stef offers meditation classes on Sundays late morning.
She also offers workshops to dive deeper into certain topics like Self-Compassion.

Yoga & Pilates in der galerie
Friedenstraße 12
70190 Stuttgart
Bus 42, stop: Friedenstraße
Underground stop: Neckartor
From Stuttgart main station: only 10 min by bus

More about Stef

Stef Lantin guiding through her English meditation class in Stuttgart

Stef is a bilingual meditation guide and a Life-Transition Coach specialized in the relationship that we have with ourselves. Stef is from Guadeloupe (a beautiful island in the French Caribbean). After having lived many years in Europe, the US and Switzerland, she has finally set her new home in Stuttgart in early 2019 and is now starting to offer French and English meditation classes in Stuttgart.

Find out more about Stef on her website:

Stef is also on Instagram:


Picture credit title photo: Sandra Ruth Photography


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