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Dance for everybody “Colours International Dance Festival”

Hi guys! Can you feel it? Stuttgart is moved by colours these days. After I had visited the pre-opening of “Colours – International Dance Festival” at the Marktplatz two weeks ago, I couldn’t wait for it to begin. I had booked the workshop Dance for everybody (Tanz für alle) held by Eric Gauthier, artistic director of the festival and director of the Gauthier Dance/Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart.

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We were 30 people in the workshop Dance for everybody. Some were semi-professional dancers, others (like me) were there for fun. And fun we had! Eric is a very relaxed guy and an entertaining coach. It was interesting to see a pro like him at work. He came up with a choreography for us during the workshop. We tried something, if it looked good, we adopted it, if it looked bad, he thought of something else.

colours workshop eric gauthier

I think we did quite well even though we lost it as soon as he stopped leading and guiding us… Smiley Oh well, I think we might need one or two more rehearsals but then we should be ready for the big stage! ;-P

colours international dance festival workshop dance for everybody1

colours international dance festival workshop dance for everybody2


It was great to see that also non-professional dancers like us can successfully perform a choreography that looks quite nice after three hours of practising. It all depends on having the right teacher Smiley. So thank you Eric for a fun afternoon and a great workshop!

Eric Gauthiers Dance Workshop Colours

Now I am even more excited to see some of the international dance companies at Colours! I got invited to see three performances: “Kamuyot” – performed by Gauthier Dance, “m¡longa” – from the Flemish-Moroccan star choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and “Blue Love” by the Shaun Parker Company. Stay tuned for more!

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Colours – International Dance Festival

Theaterhaus Stuttgart (only in German)



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