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My Baby Shower in Stuttgart

Baby Shower in Stuttgart

Having a baby shower is quite new here in Germany. When I organized one for my best friend and mother of my god-child seven years ago, nobody had heard about it before (if they hadn’t lived abroad for a while or watched American sitcoms :-)) In the meantime I’ve been to some but not many. So you can guess how surprised I was when my friends recently organized a baby shower in Stuttgart for me! 🙂

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I think a baby shower in Stuttgart is a bit different to one elsewhere in the world. Mainly because it is usually a surprise party that is thrown by friends of the mom-to-be. I personally know no German expecting mother who organized one herself.

One of my closest friends had invited me over for coffee and cake on a Sunday afternoon. What I didn’t know: Many other friends were there, too, and they had organized the best babyshower I could have dreamed of (thank you again girls! Love you! :-*)

Babyshower in Stuttgart It's a girl

First thing I saw were letters at the entrance saying “It’s a girl” – that’s when I got an idea of what was waiting for me behind the door. But I didn’t expect so many of my friends being there to celebrate with me. It was such a wonderful surprise, I nearly started to cry.

babyshower in stuttgart buffet

They had prepared a wonderful buffet – even with some baby themed food items like the muffins with little prams on top of them or the pram shaped cookies. Aren’t they adorable? And the decoration of the table was just as lovely.

Baby shower in Stuttgart buffet

We sat down, ate and chatted for a while before the games begun. Yes, there were some fun baby-themed games waiting for me.

I had to master several tasks and when I was successful I/the little one got a present.

So here’s what I had to do:

  • I had to wrap a doll – blindfolded Babyshower in Stuttgart
  • They showed me a bunch of baby photos. Each picture showed one of the guests and I had to find out which baby photo belongs to whom. Man, that was tricky! But I succeeded, yeah 🙂
  • I had to recognize songs for children – and sing them! And I am SUCH a bad singer (poor little one, I am sorry already…) 😀 But with a little help from my friends I got all songs right, too (I should mention that I personally only got one right I think… :-D)
  • I had to put up baby jumpers on a clothes line in 3 minutes – while holding a baby doll in the one arm and talking to a friend on the phone at the same time. This picture shows me after I succeeded 🙂Baby shower game
  • The last task was actually something my friends had to do: They had to guess the name of the baby and the size and weight when it is born as well as the date. No one got the name right, this much I can tell you already 🙂 With the other details, we will see soon 🙂

Moreover, they have organized a fun photo booth with fun mummy and baby items. I didn’t even know something like this exists!

Baby shower photo booth

As I’ve said, I got so many lovely presents! One of them was – of course – a diaper cake 🙂

Babyshower in Stuttgart diaper cake

It was such a wonderful afternoon and the best baby shower I could have dreamed of.

I asked my friends where they got all the lovely decoration from and here is a list of links to the shops where they bought some of the things. So if you plan to organize a baby shower in Stuttgart yourself, check out these websites:

Diapers from

Decoration from [affiliate link]

More decoration at HEMA

Photo booth items at

Muffin decoratation and cookie form at


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