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How to get most out of STUTTGARTNACHT 2018 as a non-German-speaker

Stuttgartnacht 2018

Mark October 20 in your calendar! Why? Because it’s Stuttgartnacht 2018! In this post I point out all the fun events and locations you can visit and enjoy even if you don’t speak German.

Stuttgartnacht is one of my favorite events in Stuttgart every year. With one ticket (18 Euro) you’ll get admission to over sixty venues like theatres, live clubs, cinemas, churches and more – and all await you with a special program. Of course many of the shows are offered in German but there are still a lot of venues you can visit at Stuttgartnacht 2018 if you don’t speak the language.

Here come my favorite places, shows and exhibitions at Stuttgartnacht 2018 for non-German-speakers:

Of course the sixty venues offer much, much more than what I can point out here on the blog. For the whole program, addresses of the locations as well as show and workshop times visit:

Picture credit of all three pictures: PV Projekt Verlag


Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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  1. What's up this weekend - October 20 and 21 in Stuttgart? - Living in Stuttgart
    1 year ago

    […] Don’t miss one of my favorite annual events: Stuttgartnacht on October 20! With one ticket you’ll get access to over 60 cultural venues. Check out my article where I point out my favorite places and events that you can enjoy even if you don’t understand German: How to get out most of Stuttgartnacht 2018 as a non-German-speaker. […]


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