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A sunny day at the top of TV-Tower Stuttgart

Hi guys! This weekend, my sister-in-law came to see us with her family. After visiting the Märchengarten in Ludwigsburg (for more information about this place, check out my post from 2013) and the Eselsmühle (to learn more, check out my post from 2015) they had one more “must do” on their list: the famous TV-Tower Stuttgart.

Today, we took the U-Bahn to Ruhbank and walked the few meters to the entrance of TV-Tower Stuttgart.

The iconic TV-Tower Stuttgart

 Fernsehturm Stuttgart 2

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 3

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 4

TV-Tower Stuttgart from below

Let me share some fun facts with you before we enter TV-Tower Stuttgart:

  • it is 217 meters/710 feet high
  • it was the very first TV-Tower constructed in reinforced concrete
  • it was built within 20 months
  • the engineer that constructed the tower was Fritz Leonhardt
  • the tower was opened on February 5th, 1956
  • the construction cost 4.2 million Deutsche Mark

Not too bad, right? OK, let’s move on.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 6

As it was early in the day, we didn’t have to line up and could walk in nearly right away. The cash point is located in a little gift shop where you find lot’s of cute little things, all related to the tower of course Smiley

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 7

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 8

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 9

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 10

After we had a look around, it was time to hop into the elevator and fly up the 217 meters to the top of TV-Tower Stuttgart.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 11

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 12

Even though it was not the clearest day, the sight was good from the top of the tower.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 13

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 17

On top of TV-Tower Stuttgart

Check out Schlossplatz with the Königsbau on the left and the Neue Schloss on the right:

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 14
And here is the stadium of Stuttgart, the Mercedes-Benz Arena:

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 15

And do you know where that is?

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 16

I am sure you recognize the colorful buildings of the Marktplatz in the center of the picture, the white  tower of the city hall on the left, and the Stiftskriche in the back. Zwinkerndes Smiley

And here comes one more beautiful spot: the Karlshöhe:

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 20

Yep, I liked it a lot up there!


(Before you ask – we got balloons at the entrance because the Fernsehturm is celebrating its 60th anniversary! Happy birthday Fernsehturm!! Smiley)

As it got a bit cold after a while, we decided to visit the Panorama Café.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 22

We were lucky to get a table. It was crowded up there. I saw that the group next to us had made reservations for a table in advance. That’s definitely a good idea if you guys want to visit the tower and intend on having a break in the café.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 23

The Panorama Café is open until 11 pm everyday and they even serve cocktails up there! A great location for an after-work drink, don’t you think?! Smiley

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 24

But it was only around noon, so only coffee and hot elderflower tea with a view for us Smiley

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 25 Fernsehturm Stuttgart 26

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 27

We had a great time at the top of TV-Tower Stuttgart. Bye bye, Fernsehturm – see you again soon!

Fernsehturm Stuttgart 29

The Fernsehturm is open from 10 am to 11 pm during the week and from 9 am to 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The entrance fee is 7 Euro for adults and 4 Euro for students and kids between 6 and 15. They also offer special prices for groups, early birds or night owls. Check out their website for more details.

More information about:

Fernsehturm Stuttgart (only in German)


Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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