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Cozy Swabian restaurant in Stuttgart

Hi guys! Where do you meet friends in winter? For me, it’s mainly in cozy restaurants. And one of the most cozy places I know in Stuttgart is the Swabian restaurant and wine tavern “Zur Kiste”.

picture cozy swabian restauarant

The Swabian restaurant Zur Kiste looks back on 180 years of gastronomic tradition and is the oldest wine tavern in Stuttgart. Even from the outside, you see that this building has history. And look at the cute green shutters! 🙂

Swabian restaurant Zur Kiste

The restaurant is located on three floors. The first room is on the ground floor, narrow stairs lead to the rooms on the upper floors.

Inside the Swabian wine tavern Zur Kiste

Here’s one of the cozy rooms of the Swabian restaurant Zur Kiste:

A cozy room at the Swabian restaurant Zur Kiste

Before you ask: Yes, it can get crowded at Zur Kiste so better call and make reservations before you go. But even with a reservation you are very likely to share a table with some other guests – simply because there are only a few tables anyway. 🙂

Fun Fact: Nobody really knows where the name Zur Kiste (which translates into “At the box”) stems from originally. Some say it refers back to the box full of oats that was located in front of the tavern to feed the guests’ horses. Another legends states that a bunch of students put a box full of money on the wall once. Well, we will probably never know for sure. But what I know for sure is that the food they serve at Zur Kiste tastes amazing and offers all of the Swabian cuisine one could crave for.

The food at the Swabian restaurant Zur Kiste

As a vegetarian I am not only happy that they serve vegetarian Maultaschen (the Swabian version of ravioli – only bigger – and better ;-)) but also that they taste very good (not all vegetarian Maultaschen do…)!

Vegetarian Maultaschen at the Swabian restauarant Zur Kiste

They come with a side salad. My favorite is the potato salad! Soooo good!!

Make sure you have a dessert, too. Here’s what my friend and I had: Pancake with jam and apple strudel with ice cream and vanilla sauce:

My dessert at Zur Kiste: Pancakes

My friends dessert: Apfelstrudel

The Swabian restaurant Zur Kiste is a great destination if you’re looking for cozy atmosphere and good Swabian food! It is located next to Charlottenplatz and thus easily reachable with public transport.

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