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Stuttgart Christmas market: Best decorated stand 2016

Hi guys! Have you visited the Stuttgart Christmas market already this year? If yes, you might have recognized that each stand carries an individual decoration on the roof. Each year, the stall with the most beautiful decoration wins a prize. Let me introduce you to this year’s winner.

pic best decorated stand at stuttgart christmas market

There are many great stands at Stuttgart Christmas market so it is hard to choose which is the most beautiful one.

Stuttgart Christmas market: decorated stand

Stuttgart Christmas market: decorated stand

Stuttgart Christmas market: decorated stand

Stuttgart Christmas market: decorated stand

The most beautifully decorated stand at Stuttgart Christmas market in 2016

Each year the visitors have the choice. They vote for the best decorated stand of the Christmas market. This year, the life-sized Santa in his sled on top of the food stand “Spätzle-Schwob” made it. Congratulations! The owners Christine and Herbert Winkle have definitely done great work there.

Stuttgart Christmas market: Spätzle-Schwob

Stuttgart Christmas market: Spätzle-Schwob

But this food stand is not only worth a visit because of Santa. It is actually one of my favorite food stands anyway! As a vegetarian it is sometimes tricky for me to find something yummy at a Christmas market (apart from all the great sweet stuff like Magenbrot and such of course). Most stands serve sausages, meat or fish. But the Spätzle-Schwob never let me down 🙂

As the name suggests, they offer a lot of dishes with Spätzle, the famous Swabian noodles. My favorite dish is mushroom Spätzle. I always had it when I visited the Stuttgart Christmas market recently. Last time I asked for their “secret” ingredient that makes it so delicious. Apparently, it is Sherry 🙂 One of my friends chose the Spätzle with spinach and also liked them very much though. Another speciality of Spätzle-Schwob is their baked Camembert. Definitely worth a try, too. If it is very cold, think about stepping inside their little hut next to the food stand. Two tables and a stove await you in there.

Stuttgart Christmas market: Spätzle-Schwob

If you want to see the most decorative stand at Stuttgart Christmas market for yourself , go to Schillerplatz. There it is right in front of the Old Castle. Enjoy! 🙂

Have you visited the Stuttgart Christmas market already? What are your favorite stands? And what is your favorite dish?

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Posted on November 5, 2016

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