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Babywelt Stuttgart – the fair for everything about your little one

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When I saw that the fair Babywelt Stuttgart is in town this weekend I knew right away that I have to check it out. To be honest with you, before I became pregnant I didn’t know anything about Babywelt Stuttgart. I event thought it will be a small fair with local brands. Well, I was quite mistaken 🙂

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When I arrived this morning at 10 am there was already a long line. I have forgotten that there are quite a few fairs going on at the moment at Messe Stuttgart and Babywelt Stuttgart is one of them.

Babywelt Stuttgart is located in just one hall but man, I was there for nearly four hours and could have stayed much longer. So when you decide to visit Babywelt Stuttgart this weekend, make sure you bring enough time (and energy :-)).

You will find many brands at the fair, from strollers to diaper bins, from massage oil to baby cloths and much much more. And at most of the stands you either get a discount for the products (10 to even 50 percent) and/or a free giveaway.

Babywelt Stuttgart: My personal favorite brands and stands

  • If you need information about how to apply for Kindergeld in Stuttgart or need any other kind of advice around your pregnancy you can turn to Städtische Beratungsstelle für Schwangerschaftsfragen und -konflikte. They can give you advice in many topics in English – and even in other languages!
  • The concept of hiring a doula is not well known in Germany yet so it might be hard to find one in Stuttgart or the area. At Babywelt Stuttgart I met Anne Gruhl, a doula from Korb, who is a member of Doulas in Deutschland. She told me she speaks English and can accompany non-German-speaking couples. So if you’re looking for a doula, you might want to check her or colleagues  from Doulas in Deutschland out!
  • Lotties is a producer of baby cloths, diapers and more that works with 100 % organic cotton. I’ve talked to the owner who told me a bit about the history of his company. He actually came up with the idea of creating reusable organic diapers when we was on a trip to Vancouver Island in Canada and saw how huge parts of the rainforest were cut down because the cellular material was needed for the production of throw-away-diapers. So if you’re thinking about giving reusable diapers a go – or if you want to buy some organic baby cloths, you might want to visit this stand. Fun fact: All pregnant women get a baby hat for free! 😀 Babywelt Stuttgart Lotties
  • Let’s stick with the diaper topic for a little longer: At the stand of Angelcare you get a waste bin for diapers for free when you show them your maternity pass. I am curious to try it out but I am also not sure if I will use it all the time because of the huge amount of plastic bags you need. Babywelt Stuttgart Angelcare
  • A more environment friendly solution is the diaper bin from Diaper Champ. They also claim to keep the smell inside but their system doesn’t need as much plastic bags as Angelcare does. I didn’t get one at the fair but I am thinking about it.
  • One stand really made me smile: Happy City Kids is a producer of play carpets. What makes their product special is that the carpets show different cities, Stuttgart for example! Definitely something I need once the little one is big enough 😀 Babywelt Stuttgart Happy City Kids
  • Babyone is a huge shop for all stuff kids related (we got our stroller from them recently). At Babywelt Stuttgart they offer 10 percent discount on everything you buy or order at their stand.
  • When you already have children you might want to catch up with other parents and organize play dates. At Babywelt Stuttgart I learned about the App Barrio which will be available in English in a few months, too. Here you can get in touch with other parents from your area in an easy and hassle-free way.  Fun fact: When you download the app at their stand you get a cute little stuffed Brezel  for free! 😀 Babywelt Stuttgart Barrio
  • I met a nice lady from fitdankbaby and talked to her about their fitness classes for pregnant women and new moms. She ensured me that it is no problem to attend their courses even if you don’t speak German. The instructors speak English and are willing to translate everything when you talk to them before the class starts.

Next to the stands you will find the follwoing at Babywelt Stuttgart:

  • a lot of experts for various topics like Elterngeld, feeding the baby, sleeping problems and much more
  • a competence center for kids safety
  • a crash test dummy simulation
  • a secluded area where you can change your baby or breast feed in privacy
  • a babycare station where you get baby food for free Babywelt Stuttgart

In conclusion I can say that I really liked Babywelt Stuttgart. I got a lot of useful information, discovered great brands I didn’t know about before and the many free giveaways are fun, too 🙂 I’ll definitely go again next year with the little one.

More information:

Babywelt Stuttgart

Transparency: As I blogger and journalist I got a free press ticket for the fair Babywelt Stuttgart. The content of this post and my opinion about the fair are my own.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not responsible for the exhibitor’s offers.

Picture credit title photo: © FLEET Events


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