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The day I had 60 minutes to solve a criminal case – or: fun playing an ExitGame in Stuttgart

Hi guys! Dim light, a dead rat in the corner and a clock on a screen is counting down 60 minutes… Does that sound scary? Well, maybe a little bit. But that’s the fun when playing an ExitGame in Stuttgart!

Even the entrance to our room Blutrausch looks scary...

I have heard a lot about the adventurous “Escape the room” -games before but it was not before last Sunday that I tried it myself. Moritz, four friends and me had booked the room with the lovely name “Blutrausch” which could be translated to “blood lust”.

Blutrausch at ExitGames Stuttgart
The idea of escape-the-room-games stems from computer games. The players have to find hidden clues and solve riddles in order to either get out of the room again or solve a mystery. And to make it more nerve wrecking, the time is ticking.

Will we survive playing an ExitGame in Stuttgart?

Our game started at 1:15 but we had to be there 15 minutes earlier so that our game master Jussuf could explain us what we’re allowed to do in the room (touch and move everything that can be moved in order to find the hidden clues and solve the riddles) and what we’re not allowed to do (move anything that is glued to the wall or table…). Then we were allowed to step into the room…

© ExitGames Stuttgart - Blutrausch
Photo credit: © ExitGames Stuttgart

We entered an old fashioned living room. The light was dim and the décor rather strange…

© ExitGames Stuttgart - Blutrausch

Photo credit: © ExitGames Stuttgart

© ExitGames Stuttgart - Blutrausch

Photo credit: © ExitGames Stuttgart

On the table sat a letter, waiting for us. It held the details of our mission – which I won’t tell you too much about because finding out what you have to do is part of the game Smiley

All I can tell you is: it got muuuch creepier!

© ExitGames Stuttgart - Blutrausch

Photo credit: © ExitGames Stuttgart

© ExitGames Stuttgart - Blutrausch

Photo credit: © ExitGames Stuttgart

Scary, right?! But believe me: SO.MUCH.FUN! But even if you’re light hearted (as I am!), don’t worry, it’s not like being in a haunted house or ghost ride or anything like that. The fun doesn’t come from shocking moments but from the mystery you have to solve. We had to work as a team, find the hints that were hidden in the room, combine the information we got, come up with new ideas… and all the time, the clock was ticking as you have only 60 minutes to finish the game. In the end we solved the mystery – but only 6 minutes before the time was up… Quite close, hum? If you’re looking for a fun event, book an ExitGame in Stuttgart! Smiley

ExitGame in Stuttgart operates several other rooms. “Muriels Gold” for example…

© ExitGames Stuttgart - Muriels Erbe
Photo credit: © ExitGames Stuttgart

… or “Biohazard”:

© ExitGames Stuttgart - Biohazard

Photo credit: © ExitGames Stuttgart

As we has so much fun playing “Blutrausch”, we’re already planning our next escape-the-room-game. I can’t wait! Smiley

If you’re interested in playing a room as well but you don’t speak German, don’t worry. All the hints are provided in English as well and also the introduction can be held in English. Just let the guys from ExitGames Stuttgart know that you want to play in English when you book the room.

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Posted on September 17, 2017

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