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Our wedding 2013 – part 3: The ceremony

Listening to Oliver Bisanz

Hi guys! What is the main part of a wedding? Right, the ceremony (Trauung in German). 🙂

Let the ceremony begin...

As we were very unlucky with our choice of location in the first place, we had to change plans three weeks before our wedding and decided to have the ceremony in our garden. This was the best decision EVER!

As we haven’t been able to find a catholic priest who wanted to marry us under the open sky on top of a hill close to the Riedbergpass in the Allgäu, we decided to find a free sermonizer. In the end, I think it was fate that no priest wanted to do the job as he would have never agreed to the change of plans and held his ceremony in our garden. But the great sermonizer we had, was open for everything!

But first things first…!

We were also lucky that one of Moritz close friends is a musician: the singer and songwriter Alex Straub. So – of course – we included him into the ceremony 🙂

As we got married in Vegas last year already, we wanted the same song Elvis sang for me while he walked me down the aisle. So this time, when my dad walked me down the aisle, Alex performed “Can’t help falling in love with you”. It was such a special moment. For all of us.

Alex straub singing an Elvis song while my dad walks me down the aisle

Alex Straub performing "Can't help falling in love with you"

Then, the ceremony began. And what a wonderful ceremony it was. Our sermonizer was Oliver Bisanz. He is a free theologian, who has studied catholic religion. We met twice before the wedding. During the first meeting, he wanted to find out who we are, how we met, what we love about the other and what not so much 🙂 This meeting lasted for three hours but it felt like chatting to an old friend and we didn’t even notice how time flew by. Oliver also gave us a lot of texts, songs, prayers and so on so that we could decide what we wanted to include into our ceremony (the great thing about a free ceremony is, that you are in charge of the contend!). The second time, we met again a few weeks before the wedding. During this meeting, we figured out what parts we wanted to include, when they should take place and who should perform them.

From these two meetings, we knew already that Oliver was a great listener and that he has a lot of experience with weddings. But when he started to perform our ceremony, we were speechless HOW great he was.

Oliver Bisanz at our wedding

His speech included all the important details of our history. And it was a great mixture of funny…

Oliver Bisanz speaking

… and serious moments.

Oliver Bisanz

He made us – and our guests – laugh…

Having fun at my wedding

… and think.

Listening to Oliver Bisanz

And of course, he led us smoothly through the important moments:

Moritz saying "I do"

Our guests told us later that the ceremony was so full of esprit and so diversified, that they felt sad when it was over. And we felt exactly the same way.

I also asked him for you guys, if he would perform weddings in English as well. And actually, he has done it already !! 🙂

And if you’re not convinced that Oliver is the greatest sermonizer of the world, you will be now:

Oliver Bisanz singing at our wedding

Yes, he  also knows how to play the guitar and how to sing! 🙂

At the end of our ceremony, our friends and families surprised us with a special song – and they had asked Oliver to play the guitar to accompany them. And he did 🙂

Well, what can I say? I think every bride states her wedding is the most wonderful one she can imagine (…and that’s exactly how it should be! 🙂 )

For us, the ceremony was perfect. Thanks to our families and friends who contributed with songs and poems. Thanks to Alex Straub, who performed “our” Elvis song for us. And thanks to Oliver, who held the most wonderful ceremony ever!

Thank you guys. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this day so special and wonderful!

This was the last post about our wedding day. But stay tuned for an article about the hotel where we spent our Mini-Moon! 🙂

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Alex Straub (only in German)


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