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Mini-Honeymoon at Hotel Waldsägmühle in the Black Forrest

Hi guys! Now that I am done with all the posts about our wedding, I would like to show you where we’ve spent our wonderful Mini-Honeymoon at Hotel Waldsägmühle in the Black Forrest.

As we started into our Mini-Moon the day after our wedding – and after an extended breakfast with our friends and families – we were looking for something not too far away from Stuttgart. But we still wanted a place in a remote area with nothing around us but nature. It didn’t take long until we decided the Black Forest was just the perfect spot.

On the website we found the “Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle”, a four star hotel in the middle of nowhere. PERFECT! Smiley


And if you wonder now if this is a cooking spoon and a egg whip in front of the hotel then I can assure you: Yes, it is. And they are there for a reason. But we’ll come to that later.

We had a lovely room…


… with a balcony…


…facing the black forest:


And guys, the best thing was that you could smell the forest! I’ve never experienced anything like that.

The hotel also offers a spa. It’s small but very nice.


So that’s were we went straight away Smiley


But we didn’t only hang out in the spa area, we also went outside because the Black Forest has a lot to offer. As we had three days, we tried three different things:

1.) Barefoot Park

The Barefoot Park in Dornstetten is only a few minutes away from the hotel and it’s great fun.








You walk through ice cold water, across wood, grass, fir cones and – yes – nails and glass. The sensation in your feed is just incredible. It feels like a foot massage!

But my favorite underground is definitely the mud!







Aaaaah, that’s what I dreamed of when I was a child! Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund

When you leave the park, you should wash your feed before entering the car again…


2.) Wolf and Bear Park

The “Alternativer Wolf und Bärenpark” in Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach was another attraction close to our hotel. The park provides shelter for abused animals, like circus bears. When we went there, it was a very hot day and we thought we won’t see much of the animals, but we were proven wrong:

This feller enjoyed a cool bath in the basin that’s originally meant to hold the drinking water for the bears…


But he wasn’t the only bear we saw:




But we were even more lucky that day. We also saw one of the shy wolfs:


The park is located in a very nice setting, in the middle of the forest, with a little stream running through it.


It was great to see these beautiful, wild animals from a very short distance. And I am a big fan of the concept of the park. It’s horrible what some humans do to animals and there should be more places like this. You can support their work, for example by donating a bucket of food or becoming godfather or –mother of an animal. Check out their website for more information:

3.) Hiking

When visiting the Black Forest you have to go hiking. It’s the law! Well, actually, that’s not true Smiley but you really shouldn’t miss out on exploring this wide, green area on your own two feet.

There is a bunch of hiking trails that begin or pass the Waldsägmühle. Just pick one of them, all of them are very nice Smiley





Again, I was stunned how you can really smell the forest. This spicy scent is really something special. And can you believe how green everything is?



The Black Forest is a magical place and the Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle is just the perfect location to stay for a few nights when you want to visit this area. But there is one more thing that’s important for a great Mini-Moon: the food! And man, were we lucky! Smiley





Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Smiley


Our Mini-Moon was just the perfect final to our wonderful wedding. And  the Full Moon made our Mini-Moon event more special.



More information about:

Hotel Restaurant Waldsägmühle

Barefoot Park (only in German)

Alternativer Wolf- und Bärenpark (only in German)


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