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Tied up in wedding preparations

Hi guys, I am totally tied up in the wedding preparations. It’s only two weeks left and there’s still loads of things to do. Most importantly, getting the dress ready, of course 🙂

It has arrived safely at Rena Sposa and I have had my “accessories appointment” already 🙂

What’s an accessories appointment, you might ask now. Well, that’s when you put on YOUR wedding dress (not the one on display) and try your jewelry, shoes etc. with it. Rena Sposa has a lot of stuff in stock but I had already found the perfect necklace, earrings and shoes for my dress a few weeks ago, so I brought them along for the appointment.

I also I found this cute pearl necklace plus earrings.


I love that they look quite delicate – and that they have pearls! 🙂

When I saw that the jewelry I had bought just went perfect with the dress, I was quite relieved. Now, it was time to try on the shoes. And the shoes are not normal bridal shoes. Why not? Well, they are bright red. I love them! 🙂

My red wedding shoes

One thing I did get from the selection, Rena Sposa offers, is a fascinator. I tried several ones. Check out this funny one… 🙂


But this one was just a bit too big for me and the beige colour did not suit my dress very well. I got another one… 🙂

I also chose a bridal veil and a little jacke,t but unfortunately I cannot show you pictures of these as they show too much of the dress (of course, I would show you guys my dress without hesitation, but as Moritz is reading my blog too, I would spoil the surprise 😉 )

I had a great time at Rena Sposas and with owner Michaela Rena again, just like last time when I was there. I love this boutique!

When I was finished choosing all the accessories, I left my dress at Rena Sposa and they transferred it to the tailor. And one week after, I went to “Atelier Beerwerth”, where Johanna Beerwerth did a great job making the dress fit perfectly.

Atelier Beerwerth at Heusteigstraße 63

I have already tried it on after she had finished and it suits me great. You can imagine how happy I am! 🙂 Now, it is back at Rena Sposas, waiting for me to come get it!

So that’s all from the command center of wedding planning and about my wedding preparations in Stuttgart for the moment. As I mentioned, there’s still heaps to do until the big day arrives and I better get going… 😀

More information about:

Rena Sposa (only in German)

Atelier Beerwerth (only in German)


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