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Our wedding 2013 – Part 1: Locations, cake and decoration

Finally we got some pictures from our wedding on the 20th of July! So exciting!! 😀 So today, I would like to talk about our locations.

If you follow this blog for a while, you might remember that we had originally planned to get married in a mountain cabin close to Oberstdorf in the Allgäu. But things turned quite nasty so three weeks before the big event, we were forced to change plans. But guys, I think some things that happen to you are just fate. At the beginning, I thought we have to cancel the whole thing, because I couldn’t believe it might be possible to organize a wedding withing 20 days. But everything just fell into place and we had the most wonderful wedding Moritz and I could have dreamed of.

As we have a small garden behind the house we live in, we decided to have the ceremony there. We wanted a very relaxed and free ceremony under the open sky anyway, so who needs the Alps when he has a backyard, I ask you?! 😀

Preparing the garden

A colleague of mine organized two pavilions and 14 benches for us. As wooden benches don’t look like much, one of my bridesmaids organized the white covers. We rented them from Festservice Querner & Berger in Stuttgart-Obertürkheim. They fitted the benches just perfect and made the whole setting look very lovely.

The aisle

On amazon, I got this red aisle. It really did it’s job! Some of our guests said it looked like the wedding locations in some movies 🙂 I arranged some rose petals on the left and the right, et voilà 🙂

Our guests entered the garden by walking through theses bushes. We decorated them with paper streamers and white ribbons, which I got from the creative shop idee in Stuttgart.

Decorated entrance to our garden

White ribbons

We put up a lot of different kind of decoration pieces, like hearts and flowers.





In the afternoon, we changed locations. We had chosen Namaste India in Stuttgart-Dürrlewang for the reception and party. It is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Stuttgart, even Trip Advisor and the magazine Prinz recommend it. They have a huge room in the basement designed for events and parties.  Again, my bridesmaid organized the chair covers and table cloths for us. This time, they came from hussen-exklusiv, which is a small, family owned business in Ludwigsburg, with very fair prices.

Reception room at Namaste India in Stuttgart-Dürrlewang

We love this Namaste India. The manager is so friendly. He really gave everything to make this night very special for us! After the flop we had experienced with the – in our eyes – unprofessional and unfriendly management of the mountain cabin, it felt like heaven on earth. So, Mr. Taneja, we would like to say thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for your help and support. We had a wonderful time at Namaste India.

The food was amazing. The chef surprised us with a starter buffet (even though we had only ordered soup – how amazing is this??!) that was so good, we had to tell our guests that the main course is yet to come so they should not fill up their stomachs already 🙂

Delicious food at Namaste India

The main course buffet was a dream. Six different meals were offered, including Murgh Shahi Korma (Chicken in Cashew-Coconut-Cream-sauce) – my favourite :-D! One dish was better than the other. We had some guests who had never eaten Indian food before and who were a bit worried at the beginning – all of them told us afterwards how much they loved it.

For dessert we had our wedding cake and an Indian dish (Gulabjamun).


We had ordered the cake from one of the loveliest cafés in town: Café Geiler. When I went there three weeks before our wedding, and asked them if they could do the cake for us, they were originally fully booked for this weekend. But when they found out what has happened to us and that we were in urgent need of their support, they squeezed us in! On the 20th, they prepared the cake after they had closed their café, so when they delivered it to Namaste India, it was totally fresh. Where do you find people like that anymore? Thank you so much Mrs. Rahm and family! By the way, it was the son of the owner who did the cake for us. And he just finished his apprenticeship – as the best of his year! He has even participated in a video clip where he shows school kids what a pastry chef and confectioner does. So check out this fascinating guy:

And the cake itself was a dream: Two hearts of strawberry cake, very fluffy, with a ribbon with our names on it. And the best: The white heart on top was lactose free – just for me!! WHAT A DREAM! 😀

Our wedding cake from Café Geiler

Happy couple with wedding cake :-)

Some more words about the decoration:

As little presents for our guests, we had individualized M&M’s:

Individual M&M's

Some of them had our names on them, some the picture of two rings. We had chosen the colors yellow and orange to make it look a bit Indian. Mr. Taneja’s team organized them on the plates before the first guests arrived.

For the tables, we had wonderful flower decoration, designed by Mayer Blumen, which is also located in Stuttgart-Dürrlewang. I wanted something traditional to suit the ceremony in our garden, but also something exotic. We decided for a combination of white roses and pink orchids. It looked stunning!

Flower decoration from Mayer Blumen

Mayer Blumen also decorated the car…

Mayer Blumen decorated our car

Decorated car and happy couple

… and prepared my beautiful bridal bouquet:

Bridal bouquet, done by Mayer Blumen

OK, I think that’s enough for the first post about our wedding. 😉

Stay tuned for the ceremony and the fotoshooting! 🙂

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