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Support your locals in Stuttgart


Support your locals in Stuttgart! The current situation is hard for all of  us. Most of us are not used to staying at home so much, working from home while the children are dancing around in the background is definitely a special situation, too, and not being able to go to the gym/movies/restaurant… anymore limits the things one can do in your free time enormously. But the situation is also very hard for small businesses, many won’t survive the lock-down – if we don’t support them. Under the hashtag #supportyourlocals small businesses worldwide offer new services to make our life a bit lighter. In this post I want to point out some local businesses that try a new approach to serve you.

[This post contains unpaid advertisements as I link to all the businesses that need your support now]

Support your locals in Stuttgart: Services

Support your locals in Stuttgart little nestling place

Many businesses and service providers go online now as a way to continue to serve their customers. Here is a selection of services provided for (and sometimes even from) internationals in Stuttgart.

Gravidamiga – support for mothers (to be)

Are you pregnant and in need of some information about  having  a baby in Stuttgart? Then Gravidamiga is where you should turn to. They now offer their services online and via telephone like individual birth preparation via Zoom or Skype, individual consultings on medical or psychological topics or online personal training, post partum and prenatal classes. Moreover, once a week they offer free Zoom mama talks. For more information visit

The little nestling place – baby massage courses

What is going on around us is mentally, physically, physiologically, and emotionally exhausting for most, and if you’re not feeling your best right now- which is not your fault, your baby might sense and feel this, therefore feeling unsettled. Josette from The little nestling place is popping online to give you the most beautiful tools to remain as calm, connected and deeply in love with your baby, partner and family as much as you can during a time where you might need it most. The ambiance created in classes of total love bubble euphoria can indeed be achieved via a screen. So until the end of April Josette is giving free 40 minute online workshops weekly via Zoom, twice a week for baby massage and once a week newborn nurture session. Moreover she is offering private sessions, too. For more information get in touch with her directly via

Reboot Meditation – guided meditation

Stef from Reboot Meditation will offer free online courses in times of Corona. Use your headphones if possible and prepare something to write. As always with Reboot Meditation, you will start and end with breathing and writing. The meditation will take 20 minutes. Plan 30 min in case you would like to share at the end. Upcoming topics: present moment (April 2nd at 12.30 -1pm), positive energy (April 9th at 12.30 -1pm), gratitude (April 16th at 12.30 -1pm). You can find updates and more meditations events on Reboot Meditations here:

Inner journey and relationship coaching

Stef from Reboot Meditation is also a inner journey and relationship coach. In her Facebook group she holds various talks that end with live Q&A or comments (duration: 15-30 minutes): isolation and confinement: Manage the extra stress (April 1st at 7pm), couple in quarantine: How create alone time and ask for it (April 2nd at 7pm), learn 3 breathing techniques with a guest Yoga instructor (April 5th at 12.15pm), couple in quarantine: Ups and Downs, how to manage the Downs? (April 6th at 7pm). You can join her group here:

And as a relationship coach, Stef also worksk with women in long-term relationships who have lost track of who they are. During April she offers Laser-coaching sessions of 90 minutes for 77 euros.  To schedule your session, please send me your question/goal/issue/topic via email to For more information visit

English Yoga Meetups – yoga

English Yoga Meetups offers online courses for just a few Euro per class. The classes include Flow Yoga, Strong Back Yoga and Yin Yoga. For more information visit<

Ezequiel Balseca – learn how to play the piano

Now is the time to pick up a new hobby! Stuttgart based jazz pianist and composer Ezequiel Balseca from Equador offers online piano lessons during the Corona crisis. Might it be basic skills, harmony, composition, improvisation… just tell him your problems and let him help you. To get in contact just write an email to and visit his Facebook page:

German Conversation Groups – speak German and connect with others while staying at home

Maybe you know already that I am offering German Conversation Groups. In times of Corona I can’t offer that we meet in cafés and bars anymore BUT that doesn’t mean that we can’t meet and speak German! Starting on April 6 I will offer online conversation. Here is an overview over the courses:

  • 5 week virtual conversation group, B-level, Monday evenings from 19 to 20 Uhr, max 4 participants, start: April 6, 13 Euro/catch-up (65 Euro total)
  • 5 week virtual conversation group, B-level, Friday afternoon from 16 to 17 Uhr,  max 4 participants, start: April 10, 13 Euro/catch-up  (65 Euro total)
  • 1 to 1 virtual conversation, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday afternoon or evening, 30 minutes,15 Euro/catch-up

If you are interested in one of these offers, just write me an email:

Support your locals in Stuttgart: Food and beverages

There are so many great cafés and restaurants here in Stuttgart that are suffering theses days because they have to stay closed. But many of them offer delivery services now or are open for take-away! Here is an overview over just a few of them:

Café Isla

Café Isla is famous for its cupcakes but you can also order or pick up yummy “normal” cakes there as well as pies, quiches, breakfast and lunch.

Isabella Patisserie

The wonderful, gluten free patisserie Isabella also remains open for pick-ups and has installed a delivery service. And trust me, you will LOVE their treats even if you don’t care about gluten 🙂

Tarte & Törtchen

Tarte & Törtchen is THE address in Stuttgart when you are looking for artisan cakes. Luckily this lovely place will also stay open during Corona times for pick-up and delivery.

L.A. Signorina

The most artisan pizza in Stuttgart can be found at L.A. Signorina and luckily this restaurant also remains open for pick-ups.

Heimathafen West

Heimathafen is usually a catering service for events and Kitas in Stuttgart. Now, during the Corona crisis, they offer their services for everybody. You can order lunch for only 4,50 Euro and salad for 2,50 Euro. Orders can be placed via telephone 0171-6086509 or email

Leonardo da Vinci

Leinfelden based pizza place Leonardo da Vinci has the – in my humble opinion – best pizza in the area. Usually you have to book a table in advance if you want to go there in the evening. Nowadays during Corona they deliver their masterpieces to your doorstep. More information here:

Namaste India am Berliner Platz

My favorite Indian restaurant is also open for take-away!

O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

You can still enjoy a good beer, fish and chips and beer battered onion rings theses days as O’Reilly’s Irish Pub is open for pick-up and delivery!

Schlachthof Stuttgart

Swabian cuisine goes drive-in. You can now get your Maultaschen, Schweinemedallions and more at the newly installed drive-in at Schlachthof.

Bar Tin Tin

Enjoy a great drink at home with the help of Tin Tin. You can order your favorite cocktail via phone (+4971170719637) or email ( and pick it up between 6 and 8 pm at Alexanderstraße 117. Bigger orders will also be delivered within the city boarders. For the menu and more information visit

Support your locals in Stuttgart: Shopping

Support your locals in Stuttgart

I am not the biggest fan of online shopping BUT online shopping at local businesses is the best thing you can do these days to #supportyourlocals. Here are some locals stores that now offer online shops.


This is the time to read! Here are some local books stores that need your support now more than ever. So when you consider buying a book, don’t turn to the big players but #supportyourlocals! Here is a small selection of great local book stores:

Vaihingen Buchladen

Botnanger Buchladen

Naseweis Kinderfachbuchladen


Ladies: this shop is usually the place to go when you are looking for THE dress. Nowadays you can scroll through their Facebook timeline, write them a message and order the dress of your liking.

Kaufhaus Mitte

I love browsing through Kaufhaus Mitte and I ALWAYS find something I want 🙂 Now we all can browse through their online shop:


Superjuju is a super crazy store in Stuttgart 🙂 Check out their products online:


Shop online for fun Stuttgart themed products. They even offer special Swabian quarantine bags with locals dishes 😀


Upcycling meets fashion: The Stuttgart based label Wiederbelebt offers upcycled clothes that look awesome. You can now shop their products online:

Moreover they started producing masks. So if you need one, you can order one via email to


A lovely kids shop in Stuttgart  is motchis and you can order their products now online:


The kids store 1000schön has put together lovely “activity sets” for kids from the age groups 0 to 7 that you can order online:


Vogelsangatelier is a lovely collective of local designers and artists. You can have a look at the products on their website and write them an email and tell them what you would like to buy. Moreover, visiting their website every week is a great idea these days anyway as they offer a free DIY project every week!

Sound of Music

If you need anything musical, you can turn to Sound of Music and order online or via telephone:

Tante M

The Zero Waste/Unverpackt store Tante M in Sillenbuch remains open as it sells food and beverages.

More local shops

You can find a list of many more local shops that try to fight their way through these difficult times and need your support now more than ever here:

Your locals support you – entertainment for everybody who stays at home

Love is in the bin - Banksy in Stuttgart

Just because you have to stay at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy ballet, or the opera, or a museum.. If you can’t go there, well they just have to come to your place. And that’s what they are doing! 🙂

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Explore the selection of art of Staatsgalerie Stuttgart online now:

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

You can also browse through Kunstmuseum Stuttgart online:

Stuttgarter Ballett

The ballet company of Stuttgart has filmed Dornröschen/The sleeping beauty for us and we can now watch it for free:

Opera Stuttgart

The opera will also go online. At the moment Lohengrin from Richard Wagner can be watched for free and in April you can watch Nixon in China. It will be streamed live on April 3 at 5 pm.

Stadtpalais Stuttgart

The museum of the city of Stuttgart will offer a lot of free online activities in April – many will be in German though…

Eric Gauthier

Eric Gauthier, Stuttgart based Canadian director of Gauthier Dance at Theaterhaus Stuttgart, has started his own Youtube channel where he shares fun clips about easy and entertaining dance moves with us in English! Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your living room into your personal stage while performing the “Carbonara Dance”, “the “Salsa Dance” or – big with the kids! – the “Penguin Dance” or “Lion Dance”!

#wohnzimmerballett by Eric Gauthier

Support your locals in Stuttgart – NOW! We all want life go back to normal as soon as possible. But life in Stuttgart won’t be as it used to be when hundreds of small businesses are missing. Now is the time to stand together and support each other.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home. And support your locals in Stuttgart!

PS: If you want to support this Blog and the work I am doing here you can now do so. I have installed a donation link that you can use to tip the author of this blog. Your support will help me to run and maintain Living in Stuttgart in times of the crisis and to keep it as independent as you know it. Just klick on the button below to tip and support your local blogger 🙂



Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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