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Zero waste in Stuttgart at Tante M

Tante M in Stuttgart

The beginning of a new year is the time where most of us form some resolutions. Next to all time favorites like eating less chocolate, giving up smoking or becoming more active, living a more sustainable and responsible life style is amongst the list of many people this year. Here comes a tip that will support you doing so: I have found a new shop that supports zero waste in Stuttgart!

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You might have heard of Schüttgut in Stuttgart-West already, the first store in town that sells products without packaging. It has been around since 2016. When I heard about this store the first time I liked the concept instantly. If you’re located in or close to West, go there! But as I don’t live downtown, commuting there with packages where I could put in the stuff I wanted to buy just didn’t work out for me.

But now another store with a similar concept has opened it’s doors last year and it is much more convenient to reach for everybody living in the south of Stuttgart: Tante M in Sillenbuch!

Tante M in Stuttgart

The concept of these “unverpackt Läden” (literal translation: not packed stores) is easy and genius: They sell many loose products, like they did in the old days at corner shops or mom-and-pop stores. Customers bring their own packaging where they put the products in, for example food boxes or bags. Like this you don’t only safe packaging and thus waste, you can also buy the exact amount of a product that you need and you will thus safe money and food waste.

zero waste in stuttgart

At Tante M you find tubes with various food items like lentils, seeds, nuts, rice… but also consumer goods like dishwashing liquid or shampoo. You just open the lid and fill whatever amount you need in your box or bag. It’s as easy as that.

zero waste in Stuttgart at Tante M

Next to the zero wast goods you can find other organic products at Tante M, for example bee wraps, soaps, brushes… It is actually so much that I can’t even recall it all 😀 The lovely owner, Maarit Schneider-Penna, selects all her suppliers with great care and tries to buy as local and organic as possible.

And next to a shop Tante M is also a cafe! You can sit down in one of the  windows and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and have a bite.

So if you want to try to go zero waste in Stuttgart from this year onwards, visit Tante M in Sillenbuch!

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