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Asian-Fusion cuisine at Citizen Long in Stuttgart

Citizen Long in Stuttgart inside

There is a new Asian player in town, food-wise: Citizen Long in Stuttgart downtown is located right behind Stiftskirche. Their food concept: urban fusion kitchen. I’ve been there twice, once for brunch on a Saturday, the other time for lunch during the week. If you want to know what I think of Citizen Long in Stuttgart, read along.

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The first time I went to Citizen Long in Stuttgart on a late Saturday morning with Moritz to have breakfast or brunch. I had seen pictures of the interior on Instagram and read some review so I was very curious to try the new place myself.

The interior of Citizen Long is quite lofty and urban which I like a lot. It was not full at all when we went there but maybe that has changed nowadays.

Citizen Long in Stuttgart inside 2

When we checked the menu I was quite surprised I have to say. I expected “fusion kitchen” to be a mix of Asian and European dishes. However the breakfast menu consisted mainly of European alternatives. I went for avocado bread, Moritz tried the humus bread and we shared a fruit bowl followed by a piece of cake. As I said, not very Asian, right?

Citizen Long in Stuttgart avocado bread Citizen Long in Stuttgart humus bread

The bread was very good, organic and wholegrain and thus very rich and tasty.

The fruit bowl was a bit smaller than I would have expected but it tasted fresh and juicy.

Citizen Long in Stuttgart fruit bowl

The second time I went to Citizen Long with my friend Rachel to have lunch. They have a small selection of vegetarian dishes. I chose lentils in a curry sauce which came with a piece of crispy bread. I have to say it tasted good but was nothing special. I actually got the impression that Citizen Long specialized in meat and fish dishes and not really in vegetarian options.

Citizen Long in Stuttgart vegetarian lunch

What I liked about Citizen Long in Stuttgart

The interior! I am a fan of urban living and the big, open room with the concrete walls definitely met my taste. Moreover the quality of the food is very high.

What I didn’t like

I was actually a bit disappointed by the breakfast choices. Sure, the avocado and humus bread was good, but nothing special. And the price was actually very high. I get that good quality comes with a price but I would expect fusion kitchen to be a bit more creative than a bread I could make myself at home. Plus the vegetarian options for lunch didn’t catch me.

More information

Citizen Long in Stuttgart

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