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Buying baby furniture and baby clothes in Stuttgart

Buying baby furniture and baby cloths in Stuttgart

When you’re pregnant one thought will pass your mind sooner or later: “I need to buy clothes and other stuff for the baby!” And once this thought is in your mind, you will get obsessed by it, trust me 🙂 It hit me when I was in the 4th month of my pregnancy. When you’re lucky you get used baby clothes and other stuff from friends. But some things you might have to or want to buy by yourself. In this post I share where I was buying the baby furniture and baby clothes in Stuttgart or online that we needed.

[Transparency: This post contains non-paid advertisements based on personal experiences. Some of the links are affiliate links.]

Buying baby furniture and baby clothes in Stuttgart – Online Platforms

First and foremost I can recommend ebay Kleinanzeigen to you. There you find loads of used baby stuff for very reasonable prices. Not only clothes but also furniture and much more. And you support sustainability as especially clothes for toddlers can be used only for a few weeks and are as good as new afterwards and way too good to be thrown away. Unfortunately, the app is only in German.

German terms for baby items

Here come some German terms for baby clothes or other baby items you might want to look for at ebay Kleinanzeigen:

Strampler -> romper suit

Body -> jumpsuit

Stoffwindeln -> fabric diapers

Kapuzenbadetuch -> hoodie towel

Wickeltisch -> diaper changing table

Babybett -> baby crib

Hochstuhl -> high chair

Babybadewanne -> baby bath tub

Badewannenthermometer -> bath tub thermometer

Waschlappen -> wash cloth

Kratzfäustlinge -> anti-scratch mittens

Umstandshose -> maternity pants

Umstands-T-shirt -> maternity T-shirt

Umstandskleid -> maternity dress

Still-BH -> nursing bra

Another great place to look for baby clothes and other stuff online is the facebook group Stuttgart Maternity/Kid Shop and Swap (Germany) which is even in English.

As I’ve said we’ve also bought some new stuff:

  • We wanted the Brittax Go Big baby carriage as it offers the biggest bag underneath the crib, a very big crib and got very good test results Germany’s biggest product tests by Stiftung Warentest when it comes to safety and the lack of harmful substances. Moreover we were told it is the only carriage that cannot fall over due to a special mechanism.
  • For the car seat we decided to go for the Besafe IZI Go Modular [amazon affiliate link] for infants which also got very good ratings for safety and lack of harmful substances at Stiftung Warentest.
  • We chose the high chair Tripp Trapp from Stokke [amazon affiliate link] as I have friends who have tested several high chairs and all of them recommended this one to us. Again, it is said to be the only one that cannot fall over. It is very well designed and it grows with your child. You can buy the Newborn Set [amazon affiliate link] for your infant so that even the youngest one can hang out next to you while you’re having dinner at the table, and the PlayTray [amazon affiliate link] for your toddler. And even older kids can sit on this high chair at the dinner table or at their own desk. Such a flexible and high quality high chair looked like a sustainable solution for us that will last for quite some time.
  • For the babyphone we decided to go with the Philips Avent Video-Babyphone SCD630/26 [amazon affiliate link] because it got good rates in tests and has an eco mode.
  • And last but not least we chose the heater from reer [amazon affiliate link] for the diaper changing station because it comes with a leg and you don’t have to screw it to the wall.

Buying baby furniture and baby clothes in Stuttgart – Shops in and around Stuttgart

We didn’t only shop online but also went to some stores in and around Stuttgart. Here is a list of the ones we’ve visited and that I can recommend:

  • Babyone was the first shop – or should I say warehouse – we went to, simply because it is super close to where we live. They have a huge selection of prams, strollers and car seats in stock and you can try every single one out. But you also find all other things you might need there, too: Clothes, furniture, nursing stuff, toys… you name it. Moreover, I found their guidance fantastic – very professional and very honest. There are two Babyones in and around Stuttgart, one in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, the other one in Leinfelden. My tipp: When you sign up for their membership you get discounts from time to time.
  • Babywalz is another huge shop/warehouse for buying baby furniture and baby clothes in Stuttgart. It has very similar stuff in stock as Babyone but it is located very conveniently in downtown Stuttgart, at Königstraße 43b. My tipp: get their newsletter for the one or other discount.
  • A much smaller but super cute shop in Stuttgart-West is motchis. When you enter the store you feel instantly that the owner selects the items she wants to sell very carefully. Here you find stuff you might not see in the bigger shops – but I have to say, it comes with a price. So motchis is maybe the place where you buy selected items that will become your kid’s favorites.
  • Did you know that the drug store dm also sells baby stuff? And the quality is actually very good and the prices are reasonable. Moreover, dm offers a selection of organic clothes and baby items you might be interested in. I am a huge fan of their Alana baby body made out of organic cotton and silk.
  • If you are on a tight budget I can highly recommend visiting the social warehouse Zorella in Stuttgart-Ost. I know this warehouse because I donate clothes there on a regular basis and I am a huge fan of them and their concept. They have actually two stores, Zora for adult clothes and Zorella for baby clothes, toys and more. Here you find second hand stuff for very fair prices. Buying baby clothes and baby furniture in Stuttgart at Zorella

If you want to read more tipps from me about being pregnant in Stuttgart you will find all articles I’ve written so far here.

Where do you shop for baby items? Where did you find great deals and what shops do love the most? Please share your favorite places with us in the comments! 


Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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      Hi Jack, you’re absolutely right. What I do: I usually buy second hand cloth diapers on eBay Kleinanzeigen. When I need a new size or want to buy a new brand I always only buy one piece first, try if it works with my little one and if yes, I buy more. If not, it is easy to resell them on eBay Kleinanzeigen or to just give them to another mom for free, maybe it fits their baby.

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