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Life update – part II: big news!


Thank you so much for checking out my first life update (if you haven’t so far you might want to read it first). As promised, here comes part II.

Some of you have already guessed it – and you were correct 🙂 Yes, our little one will be a big sister soon 🙂 I am pregnant with baby no 2!

We are thrilled and super excited! As I was growing up being the only child I really really hoped for our little girl to have a sibling one day. And in spring next year, she will become a big sister! 😀

How are you feeling?

I am in the second trimester now and I can tell you that I am very VERY happy about that because the first one wasn’t easy. I had a very strong form of maternity sickness for 9 weeks. During that phase I couldn’t even leave the house – on some days the only distance I covered was the one from the bed to the toilet and back. I was expecting to be that sick as it was the same during my first pregnancy. But boy, it is a very different story when you have a 2 year old running around the house.

To all moms out there: Have you experienced maternity sickness? And if yes, was it strong and lasted for weeks, too? What did help you during that phase?

For me, I can report that not much really helped. In the end it was basically getting through it day by day. If you’re experiencing strong maternity sickness yourself at the moment, you should know that you are not alone! Even though many expecting moms don’t have maternity sickness or just a very mild version of it, some of us get the whole package (in the end I think I am lucky that it “only” lasted 9 weeks in my case. I know that other moms suffer the whole 9 months!). I can only recommend talking to your gyn and your midwife! They can advise you what to do, what medicine you can take and have the one or other tip you might not have thought about yourself. I think the most important thing is staying positive. That is a lot to ask when you have been throwing up multiple times daily for weeks, I know. But I have read and heard many times that experiencing maternity sickness can actually be a good sign for the development of your baby as it might be related to certain hormones in your body that help the baby nestle and grow. That was the one thing I kept telling myself in those weeks and that gave me the strength to face another day of misery.

But now I can happily report that this phase is over! For two weeks now I feel nearly normal again. I can get up in the mornings, play with my little girl, take walks with her and just enjoy life AND pregnancy. It feels like heaven 🙂

pregnant stuttgart

Does the little one know already?

We haven’t set her down and actually told her that mom is pregnant and that she will be a big sister soon. I think it is too far away at the moment for her to understand. But what we did is we bought some picture books that explain pregnancy and growing families. She is very interested them. And a little while ago she pointed at my belly and said “Baby in belly!” We were like “What?!? Did she just say that??” 😀

I think we will wait a bit longer, until my belly really shows and it is only a few more months to the date of birth until we sit her down and talk to her. And afterwards I want to involve her in the preparations as much as possible. We also thought about getting her a baby doll once the baby arrives so that she can copy us changing diapers etc.

To all moms of siblings: How did you prepare the big ones? Do you have any tips that you could share? 

Outlook on pregnancy

Being pregnant with number two is just as I have expected it – and at the same time not at all! 😀

Yes, I have been pregnant before so I know what it feels like. I was able to feel the first little punches much earlier than during my first pregnancy just because I know what it feels like when someone is knocking on your belly from within. I expected to be sick for months and could prepare a little bit for it. I still have my old maternity clothes and I know my favorite products that I want to use again during this pregnancy (in case you’re looking for a belly oil: this one from Bahnhofapotheke Kempten is AMAZING!! So rich and all natural! You can order it online or find it in some well sorted pharmacies).

On the other hand, being pregnant as a mom of a 2 year old whirlwind it a totally different story! During my first pregnancy Moritz and I celebrated every second of if. I was spoiled day in and day out. We went on not one but two baby moons. When I was tired I laid down and rested. I tell you, it was heaven on earth (after the maternity sickness phase was over of course! ;-D)

Now, I even forget that I am pregnant sometimes! There is too much going on every day. Our little girl is super active and wants our attention all the time. And after being knocked out for 9 weeks I want to soak up every minute with her. So we are up to a thousand things every day and only when I sit down on the couch in the evening I realize how exhausted I am and remember that I am pregnant. It makes me sad sometimes as I would love to celebrate this pregnancy the same way like I did the first one. But then I remember that the situation is so very different, that I want to spend as much time with my wonderful girl as possible, especially as I know that it won’t be just her anymore in a few months and that I will have to divide my time and attention between two wonderful little humans (Fellow moms: How is that possible anyway??:-D Tips please!!!)

What’s up for expecting moms in Stuttgart?

I really want to get out there and get active again, now that I am feeling better. I have signed up for a pregnancy fitness class and want to join the one or other new mom group.

If you’re looking for services and groups for expecting moms in Stuttgart, I can recommend checking out the website of my friends from They have a bunch of amazing services, for example:

Another great course in English is offered by Josette from the Little Nestling Place:

If you want to read the post I wrote during my first pregnancy about being pregnant in Stuttgart, just follow this link.




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    Dear Mel,
    Congratulations! Very exciting to read that you are expecting another little one. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly.
    Wishing you all the best,

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