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Where to shop for good baby finds in Stuttgart

Baby finds in Stuttgart

As I am still on maternity leave I’ve asked expat and fellow blogger Rachel from if she would write a guest post and share some of her experiences as an expat mom in Stuttgart. I was very happy when she agreed. In this post she shares her favorite places for good baby finds in Stuttgart.

[Guest Post by Rachel Sanghee Han. Please note that this post contains unpaid advertisements based on personal experiences by the author.]

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Shopping for your baby can be overwhelming. There are so many brands, advertisements, reviews, it just gets out of hand. And if you’re like me who likes to actually shop in shops instead of online, it can be more difficult to find the right thing at the right place and time. Now that you have a child, no time should be spent on the road, not knowing where to go, so here are some shops I’ve learned to be quite helpful when offline shopping for a child.

Good baby finds in Stuttgart: Hema

Baby finds in Stuttgart at Hema

This shop is originally from the Netherlands and it only landed in Stuttgart two years ago. But I have grown to love it. Not only do they have cute and affordable clothes for babies, but they also have blankets, bottles, toys and for your toddlers, everything activity. If you like DIY, they also have some great tools to get you excited. And the party supplies! I’ve always been a bit hesitant when buying party supplies online because they are either too much in quantity or just not good enough in terms of quality. There are themes that come and go, so you may have to settle with specific themes whether you like them or not, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like. Definitely a great place to go for good baby finds in Stuttgart.

Hema Stuttgart: Königstraße 43a, 70173 Stuttgart

Good baby finds in Stuttgart: Søstrene Grene

Baby finds at Sostrene grene in Stuttgart
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One of my favorite shops in general but their baby and toddler related products are so cute and mostly sustainable. The Danish brand is a joy to visit, and like Hema, it goes through different themes, which means you won’t find the same things at all times. I love their little toys, kitchenware both for me and the children, and DIY tools for projects like stickers, string, painting supplies and more. I do not believe they sell clothes in the Stuttgart store, just for your information.

Søstrene Grene Stuttgart: Sophienstraße 21, 70178 Stuttgart

Good baby finds in Stuttgart: TK Maxx

A mix match for everything. If you need anything, you’ll most likely find it in TK Maxx. I don’t like going here during the weekend because you may have to wait more than a couple of minutes to reach the cashier, but for daily things you need for the little one, such as clothes, shoes, toys, presents, books, even furniture, this is the place to be. I have bought numerous toys and presents for fellow moms and moms-to be, and also bought a lot of books, shoes and toys for my little one as well. Because it’s more of an outlet system, you do have to take time to find the right one for you. I would also recommend it for summery things, like tubes, swimsuits, towels for babies etc.

TK Maxi Stuttgart: Königstraße 18, 70173 Stuttgart

Good baby finds in Stuttgart: Uniqlo

Baby finds at Uniqlo in Stuttgart

I trust quality when it comes to Uniqlo, and they have some of the highest quality clothes for both babies and toddlers. Their little jumpsuits, or “bodies” as they call in Germany, are super for summer because they’re light and breathable, and their rain cots and windbreakers are amazing too. Not to mention their t-shirt, which come in numerous designs and fun colors as well.

Uniqlo Stuttgart: Königstraße 33, 70173 Stuttgart

Good baby finds in Stuttgart: dm

Not just for diapers, trust me. dm is great for baby food, baby snacks (especially when you travel to different countries), baby everything, really. I personally love their hats that come in so many different shapes and sizes and also those little portable and travel-friendly kiddie snacks like raisins and pretzels. Not to mention the diaper changing area and some even have breastfeeding areas too.

dm online store finder

Good baby finds in Stuttgart: Zara Kids

Baby finds in Stuttgart at Zara Kids

As my toddler gets a bit older, I try to buy clothes that would last a bit longer. And for them to last longer, they need to also look good, right? I love the overall color scheme of Zara Kids, sometimes I even wish they made the same designs for adults. Their shoes are also cute and comfortable, most of the sneakers have those rubbery, cushiony soles in them too. The only problem I have with some girls’ clothes is the width of the arms and legs. Too narrow, compared to the boys’ so I even sometimes buy boys clothes for my little girl.

Zara Stuttgart: Königstraße 12 and Königstraße 50-52, 70173 Stuttgart

Good baby finds in Stuttgart: Jacadi Paris

This brand is on the more expensive side, yes, but they have very nice clothes, shoes and accessories. They also do sales quite often, so I usually for for the sales to buy staples, like thick jackets, nice skirts and dresses. It’s also a great place for buying gifts, something special for a special friend or family member.

Jacadi Paris Stuttgart: Eberhardstraße 31, 70173 Stuttgart

Good baby finds in Stuttgart: Petit Bateau

Another French brand, originally famous for their striped shirts. They have some very cute “bodies” and baby clothes, and also a lot for adults. I think it would be adorable to wear something similar and be all matchy matchy for a day.

Petit Bateau Stuttgart: Schulstraße 7, 70173 Stuttgart

More about Rachel

Rachel is a Korean travel journalist who grew up in the U.S. and Seoul. She is married to an Italian, mother of a little girl and lives in Stuttgart with her family. On her blog she shares her experiences as an expat mom in Stuttgart as well as her travel adventures.

Photo credit title picture: Rachel Sanghee Han


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