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The best mineral baths and spas in Stuttgart

Top 5 spas in Stuttgart

Fall and winter is the time of year were mineral baths and I are best friends. I just love to relax in warm water while it is raining or snowing outside. Luckily Stuttgart is blessed when it comes to mineral water. Did you know that we have not less than 19 mineral springs?! And they feed quite a few spas in Stuttgart and the area around. Let me introduce to my top 5 mineral baths and spas in Stuttgart. [This article contains non-paid advertisement based on personal recommendations]

My top 5 spas in Stuttgart

5. MineralBad Cannstatt

MineralBad Cannstatt feed the pools, the Russian-Roman steam bath and the mineral sauna. There are two indoor and outdoor pools with water temperatures around 30 °C. One outdoor pool is filled with lightly bubbly water around 18 °C and there are whirlpools with temperatures around 36 °C. Next to the pools, MineralBad Cannstatt offers four saunas and the steam bath in the 1.200 m² wellness area. They even have a meditation sauna! If you’re looking for deep relaxation, MineralBad Cannstatt is your spa in Stuttgart!

4. Schwabenquellen

Visiting the Schwabenquellen in Stuttgart-Möhringen is like stepping into a dream world. On 7.000 m² you will be able to visit 18 different countries and cultures: For example, there is a Caribbean lagoon, an Icelandic Geysir-pool ad a jungle whirlpool, a Canadian blockhouse sauna, a Balinese herb sauna,  a Tibetan meditation sauna,  an Oriental steam bath, a Roman laconium, … OK, I stop here. But believe me, there’s even more. If you need a break, several relaxation areas await you: the Africa lodge, the Maya temple, the Japanese lodge and so on. And if this is not enough, you can also choose from a great variety of massages and cosmetic treatments. But there’s one thing you need to know about Schwabenquellen: This is a naturist spa, so no bathing suits are allowed, you need to be naked. But don’t worry if naturism is not your thing: every first Saturday of the month is what they call “Textile Day” and you’re allowed to wear a bathing suit or bikini. If you’re looking for a getaway from reality, Schwabenquellen is your spa in Stuttgart!

3. DAS Leuze Mineralbad

The mineral bath DAS Leuze is a combination of a mineral bath, public pool and outdoor pool. It is very family friendly as there is an area designated to small children: The “Kinderland LEUZE” covers an area of some 600 square metres and includes a paddling pool for the youngest visitors and a non-swimmers’ pool with a depth of 40 to 80 cm for older children.The eight swimming and bathing pools and over 1700 square metres of water area in the in- and outdoor mineral pools are fed by three mineral springs. On an area of 3300 m² you can enjoy 14 different saunas. The highlight is the Panorama sauna where you get a first-class view of view of the Neckar and the surrounding vineyards while sweating. If you’re looking for a family friendly wellness day, DAS Leuze is your spa in Stuttgart!

2. Mineral-Bad Berg

Even though this bath is closed for renovation at the moment, I have to put it on this list as it is one of my favorite spas in Stuttgart: Mineral-Bad Berg is a very special gem and actually the oldest public pool in Stuttgart. It’s history goes back to 1856 and it used to be the biggest pool fed by mineral water in Germany for ages. Five mineral springs feed the four indoor and the big outdoor pools. Because of the huge amount of fresh water chlorination or upheaval is unnecessary. Locals love this bath because of its retro looks and charm. There is a general renovation going on at the moment and it won’t be open for the public before 2019. But make sure to put it on your bucket-list once it opens again.

1. Mineraltherme Böblingen

My favorite spa is actually not located in Stuttgart but just outside the city boarders, in Böblingen. I’ve written about Mineraltherme Böblingen twice already so if you want to know why I love this place so much, check out my articles from 2014 and from 2015!

Spas in Stuttgart: Mineraltherme Böblingen

Have you visited one of these spas already? And what is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments.

More information:

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This post contains non-paid advertisement. I point out these spas in Stuttgart because I like them personally. I did not get paid to do so. Paid content is always highlighted as such on Living in Stuttgart


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