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Riceteria Stuttgart – a funky and colorful cafe

Riceteria Stuttgart at Schulstrasse.

I recently discovered the most colorful cafe I’ve ever been to: Riceteria Stuttgart. Everything looked so cute and cheerful – and the food was amazing!

Riceteria Stuttgart is located above Schulstrasse. And I literally mean “above”. Did you know Schulstrasse actually has two floors? The entrance to Riceteria Stuttgart is located on the second one. You have to take the stairs next to the shop Korbmayer in order to get there. I think that’s why I’ve never recognized this lovely place before.

When you enter Riceteria Stuttgart you feel like you’ve stepped into a sparkling rainbow. You’re surrounded by colors!

It is so colorful inside Riceteria Stuttgart!

Riceteria is actually a combined cafe and shop. That’s why it is stuffed with all sort of colorful products from RICE, a Danish homeware and accessories company. And I have to say, the concept works – I saw customers that bought some of the colorful products, saw the food menu and decided to stay for lunch. Or the other way round: customers that came in for a cup of coffee and left with a bag of gifts for their loved ones 🙂

People shopping for gift and food at Riceteria Stuttgart

At first, I didn’t expect much of the food. In the end, it’s a franchise store, they don’t really care for good quality, right? Well, I found out that at Riceteria, they do! I was there several times within the last weeks and everything I’ve tried so far was amazing. At first I just had a hot chocolate with marshmallows and a waffle. The next time I tried their soup. And on my third visit I went for the salad (unfortunately unpictured). Everything was sooooo good!!!

Lunch at Riceteria Stuttgart.

On their menu I saw that they also offer afternoon tea! Definitely something I have to try very soon! 🙂

During summer you can even sit outside on one of their colorful tables. In winter cozy couches and tables await you.

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Posted on July 8, 2013

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    […] Riceteria Schulstraße 8 Riceteria is the most colorful store I’ve ever been to 🙂 They sell all sort of fun things for kids and grown-ups who are young at heart. I have bought a wonderful box that was shaped like a little house here for my godchild. Fun fact: Riceteria is also a café! […]


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