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Let’s eat potatoes in Stuttgart!

New restaurant Grombier in Stuttgart

Hi guys! Do you like potatoes? Then you will be delighted to hear that a new restaurant is in town that specializes on your favorite dish. Read on and find out where you can get the best potatoes in Stuttgart!

New restaurant Grombier in Stuttgart

Grombier is an old-fashioned Swabian word for potato – and the name of the new restaurant in Stuttgart.

Offers the most creative potatos in Stuttgart: Grombier in downtown Stuttgart.

At Grombier you find huge baked potatoes with various, sometimes quite creative, toppings: olives, goat’s cheese, emmentaler cheese, cucumber salad and couscous (Maldini) for example or salmon, dill, cucumber salad, emmentaler cheese, arugula, yoghurt dressing and lentils (Larsson), not to forget the famous Maultaschen potato (Kliensmann)! Yep, that’s a Maultasche (our Swabian version of a ravioli – just bigger and of course much better ;-)) on top of a potato! I had the one with goat’s cheese, red cabbage, apple-pear-chutney and walnuts (Anelka) for lunch recently and it was delicious. And quite filling, the potatoes are really big!

My huge baked potato with red cabbage and goats's cheese at Grombier in Stuttgart.

Next to potatoes they also offer an interesting choice of salads at Grombier. Plus vegetarian and even vegan options! And here comes a fun fact: What do the names of the dishes remind you of? Anelka? Klinsmann? Right! Famous soccer players 🙂

Grombier is located at Josef-Hirn-Platz 8 in downtown Stuttgart, right next to Eberhardstraße and well worth a visit!

Poeple lining up to eat potatoes in Stuttgart at Grombier.

More information about:

Grombier on facebook (only in German)


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