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Why I fell in love with tiny Misch Misch coffee shop

Misch Misch coffee shop in the south of Stuttgart

Hi guys! Do you know this feeling: You step into a bar/restaurant/shop and you like it instantly that much that you think “If I ever open a bar/restaurant/shop, that’s how it should look like!” I had exactly this feeling when I stepped into Misch Misch coffee shop the first time.

Misch Misch coffee shop in the south of Stuttgart

Even though the Misch Misch coffee shop has been around for a little while already and I have heard lot’s of good things about it, I never made it there before last week. I have to admit, I didn’t really know where it was exactly :-). But when I was walking from Gerber shopping center to Marienplatz with a friend, I suddenly saw the sign, hanging above the entrance door. It didn’t need much convincing to make my friend have a drink there with me.
misch misch coffee shop stuttgart 4

Misch Misch coffee shop – cozy as a living room

We opened the door and walked down a few steps into the cozy coffee shop. With all the stylish, retro furniture it felt like walking into somebody’s living room.
misch misch coffee shop stuttgart 1
misch misch coffee shop stuttgart 6
We chose two comfy looking armchairs and ordered our drinks at the bar.
misch misch coffee shop stuttgart 2
Even though Misch Misch is famous for its coffee (their slogan is “Let’s fill this town with good coffee!”), I went for basil-ginger lemonade – the combination sounded too tempting! 🙂 And it was in deed very, very good! Very refreshing.
misch misch coffee shop stuttgart 5
My friend had a Latte Macchiato though and stated it was delicious, too.

Fun fact: If you wonder where the name Misch Misch comes from: Actually it means apricot in Arabian. The owner of the place was once called that by a taxi driver and it became her nickname and finally the name of the coffee shop :-).

We had a great, relaxing time hanging around in those comfy chairs, sipping our drinks and listening to some music. Misch Misch coffee shop is such a lovely place, I will definitely come back soon, now that I know where I can find it! 🙂

More information:

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