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Running 7 km at Stuttgart-Lauf 2014

Stuttgart Lauf

Hi guys! My friends had talked me into signing up for the Stuttgart-Lauf 2014. There are two routes you can chose from: 7 km and 21 km. I’m defintitely not fit enough for 21 km but I thought I could handle 7 km so I was on board!

I was quite a bit nervous in the morning of the run – don’t get fooled by this picture, the penguin that sneaked up into my pic, made me laugh Smiley


But once we started, it felt great. Moreover, the track is very easy, too. You only have to cross two bridges, the rest of the track is flat.

Stuttgart-Lauf 2014

We were also very lucky, weather-wise. It rained cats and dogs before we started but then stopped and stayed dry and fresh.

And that’s me, after the run, exhausted and happy and very satisfied with my time of 46 minutes! Smiley


Did anyone else participate in the Stuttgart-Lauf 2014 or plans to do another run in or around Stuttgart this year? I would love to do one more. Maybe the Charity run “Secretary Run” which I did last year and liked very much.

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