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Preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Hi guys! I admit it: Moritz and I love to watch the Eurovision Song Contest Smiley. A few years ago, we started our own little tradition: For dinner, we try to get as many food from participating countries (or countries that could have participated) as we can find and enjoy a very European buffet.

So here’s what we found this year:


  • Glenfiddich Whisky and Toffee, representing the UK
  • Sangria, representing Spain
  • Macedonian wine, representing Macedonia
  • Macarons, representing France
  • Paracini and Pizza, representing Italy
  • Marillenknödel, representing Austria
  • Falafel and dates, representing Israel
  • Hungarian Pepper, representing Hungary
  • Olives and stuffed wine leaves, representing Greece
  • Mediterranean Baguettes, representing all Mediterranean countries
  • Stuffed pepper, representing Turkey
  • Swiss cheese, representing Switzerland

Hmmmmm, can’t wait to start (and I know who’s stomachs will we acing by tomorrow!)

Anyone else watching the Song Contest tonight? I’d love to hear your ideas about how to celebrate it Smiley!

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Posted on August 30, 2015

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