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Not only a pub but an institution: Schlesinger in Stuttgart

Pub/Restaurant Schlesinger in Stuttgart is an institution.

It all started with a punk pub, than named Casino, more than 20 years ago. Nowadays Schlesinger in Stuttgart is one of the places where everybody feels at home. Families come to enjoy a great Schnitzel with fires, students like the alternative spirit, workers and business people appreciate the large selection of beer after a tough day and foodies are impressed by the high quality of the food on the menu.

Thus it is hard to say if Schlesinger in Stuttgart is still a pub or hasn’t turned into a good Swabian restaurant. But definitions aren’t important here anyway because this place likes the change. For the FIFA World Cup and the Euros (UEFA European Championship) Schlesinger turns into a huge living room with fans from different clubs celebrating together. And every year, April 23 is celebrated as the “Day of the Beer” at Schlesinger in Stuttgart as this was the day of the proclamation of the German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot). On this day, Schlesinger becomes a tasting room and the guests can enjoy more than one hundred different beer brands from all over Germany.

Inside Schlesinger in Stuttgart

But beer is holy at Schlesinger in Stuttgart anyway. You can choose from a selection of beer brands that is changing on a weekly basis, presented in a fridge next to the entry doors. And as I’ve mentioned before, the food is great, too.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food at Schlesinger in Stuttgart.

Schnitzel and Rostbraten are amongst the most beloved dishes – and of high quality, too. You won’t find cheap meat on your plate at Schlesinger. But also vegetarians are tought of so I was lucky enough to enjoy a very tasty stuffed sweet potato on my last visit. Oh, and don’t miss the dessert 🙂

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