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Think K Killesberg – A new quarter is born in Stuttgart

Sitting on a bench in Killesberg park

Have you been at the Killesberg lately, where the Messe Stuttgart (Stuttgart Trade Fair) used to be? The scenery has changed a lot since they broke down the old buildings: The quarter Think K with lots of extravagant flats has been built. I went there last week during my lunch break with one of my colleagues.

Killesberg U-Bahn sation

Where the entrance to the exhibition used to be, a green park and modern, white houses awaits you. Walking on the footpath feels like walking in a maze because the green area is a meter higher than the foot path.

Sitting on a bench in Killesberg park

Most of the buildings at Think K will house luxurious flats soon. At the moment, there is still a lot of construction work going on.


Construction works on a square at Killesberg

Some of the shops around the main square are open already, and so is a little Café. And that’s where we spent our lunch break.

Little Café at Killesberg

The atmosphere is very cosy and I liked the mix of visitors: Rich looking ladies who might have visited their new flat in one of the buildings next to construction workers who spent their break there, too.

Cosy atmosphere

They offer a selection of breakfast specials, sandwiches and sweets. I went for a Croissant, filled with homemade strawberry jam. Yummy! 🙂

Croissant with strawberry jam

I am curious what this new quarter will look like in a few months, when all the construction work is finished.

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