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New prices for public transport in Stuttgart

Public transport in Stuttgart: S Bahn

Maybe you have heard about it already: Using the public transport in Stuttgart will get a lot cheaper from April 2019 onwards! That’s because VVS, the organization responsible for the public transport in Stuttgart will introduce new prices and also a new structure of the different zones. In this post I will point out what changes await us this April. [This article contains non-paid advertisement as I point out the services of VVS Stuttgart]

When it comes to complaints about the public transport in Stuttgart, people mainly name high prices and confusing zone structures. But this will change in April as VVS Stuttgart will introduce a new pay scale as well as a new structure of zones. This does not only make traveling by bus, tram and train cheaper and easier, it might also encourage more people to use public transport in general and to leave the car at home. A development that would be great for the air quality in Stuttgart.

What will the reform and the new prices for public transport in Stuttgart cover?

For most of us it will get cheaper to make use of the public transport. Mainly because the zones you travel through will be bigger than they used to be. This means you pass through fewer zones on one trip and thus have to pay less. There will be only five different zones, not 52 as it used to be.

Let’s have a closer look at the different zones. What used to be zone one and two will be combined to only one zone. Here’s an example: Someone who takes the S-Bahn from Stuttgart-Rohr to Hauptbahnhof had to pay 2,80 Euro for two zones. With the new rate this person has to pay only for one zone and saves 14 percent. Not too bad, right?

vvs zones new prices for public transport in stuttgart

Moreover, day tickets will become cheaper as well. From April onwards it will be possible to buy a day ticket in every of the five new zones (and not only for three combined zones as it used to be). This makes the pricing much fairer and also cheaper as rates start from 5 Euro for one zone when you buy your ticket online.

You can calculate your new rate here. (Only in German)

You find more information about the new prices for public transport in Stuttgart in this brochure (PDF Download).

What happens when I’ve got an annual subscription?

When you have chosen the monthly payment VVS will switch to the new rate in April automatically.

When you have paid the annual rate in advance VVS will transfer the amount you have paid too much due to the new prices back to your account.

When you have bought an annual ticket at the service desk, you can go there again and get the amount you’ve overpaid back.

Can I save even more?

Yes, you can! When you buy your tickets online you save with every purchase. And when you travel quite a bit with public transport you can get a subscription.

Here’s an example: The annual subscription “JahresTicket jedermann” for a commute from Leinfelden-Echterdingen to the city center will cost you 72,08 Euro per month for two zones (which used to be 96 Euro for 3 zones) and you can travel within these two zones as often as you please.

More information

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more information about public transport in Stuttgart in general


Please note: I have written this post to my best knowledge but things can change and mistakes are possible. For individual information about ticket prices for the public transport please turn to VVS.



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