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Fairy tales become true in the Märchengarten Ludwigsburg

The witch

Moritz’ sister visited us lately with her family. Her family includes Moritz’ three-year-old nephew. And three year old nephews give uncles and aunts great opportunities to do children’s stuff – which meant in our case: Visiting the Märchengarten Ludwigsburg (Fairytale Garden Ludwigsburg) 🙂

Entrance to Märchengarten Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg is a lovely city for itself and definitely worth a visit. It’s right next to Stuttgart. I’ve been here last winter, visiting the Christmas Market, which is very special and beautiful. But to tell you the truth: Ludwigsburg is even more beautiful in summer. One of its main attractions is the Residential Palace.

Residential Palace in Ludwigsburg

Residential Palace with flowers

But we were not here because of the castle (well, at least not because of this one ;-)) but to see Hänsel and Gretel and Rumpelstilzchen and Aladdin and much more at Märchengarten Ludwigsburg.

I got some last coaching in fairy tales by this story teller…

Reading fairytales

and then we were ready for witches, dwarfs and Co.

As we were quite early and it was not too crowded, we decided to start our day in the Märchengarten with a boat ride.

Boats in Märchengarten Ludwigsburg

Different fairytale stations along the river

The boat ride is a very relaxing thing to do. You pass different houses where puppets tell you about several fairy tales. Very cute! The only scary thing (at least, when you’re three years old) is the mouth of the whale…

Driving into the mouth of the whale

…but don’t worry, Pinocchio is waiting at the end, eager to show you the way out! 😉

After this adventure, we had to prove how brave we are, again: By visiting the witch!

The home of the witch

Two courageous men debating whether it’s a good idea to knock on the house of the witch or not…

The witch at Märchengarten Ludwigsburg (Fairy Tale Garden Ludwigsburg)

… and hiding behind the fence when she looks out of the window. But be assured: She didn’t put the two in the oven!

Our next stops where less nerve-racking: We saw Aladdin and the  genie of the lamp…

Aladdin and the genie of the lamp

… the orphan girl collecting star money…

Star money

…and looked through grandma’s window only to find out the wolf was lying in her bed!

The wolf in grandma's bed

Well, what can I say, the houses with the different fairy tales are a delight for the young and for the old:

Little man looking through the window

Grown up man looking through the window

🙂 Cute, hum?

We also passed a giant in his castle…

Giant in castle

…and Rumpelstilzchen…


… before we arrived at Rapunzel’s tower:

Rapunzle's tower

Can you see her braid dangling down from the tower? 🙂

When you walk around it, you’ve got a great view:

View from the tower


When you step inside, stairs lead you down…

Stairs inside Rapunzel's tower

…and down…

Walking down the stairs

… and down…

Inside the tower

… until you arrive at the very bottom of the rock on which the tower is standing.

At the very bottom of Rapunzel's tower

Well, and if you were the only one of your group who was stupid enough to walk down all the stairs of the tower, you have to climb up again in order to meet the rest…

Climbing up the stairs to the tower

Now we were hungry! We left the Märchengarten early afternoon and went to a Café in the park… not without enjoying the first flowers of this spring…

Spring in Ludwigsburg

We chose the “Cafeteria” for our lunch break…

Cafeteria in Ludwigsburg

… didn’t care about healthy eating principles…

"Fleischküchle" and potato salad

…and had our first ice-cream in 2013!

My first icecream in 2013

Aaaah, what a beautiful day! And can you imagine a better end to it than swinging into the spring sky with an ice-cream in your hand…?

Swinging into the blue sky

Well, I couldn’t… 🙂

More information about:

Märchengarten Ludwigsburg (only in German)



Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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