Enjoy vegetarian fast food at Vegi Stuttgart

When you’re looking for a tasty and high quality vegan or vegetarian quick lunch or dinner, make sure you pay Vegi Stuttgart a visit!

Vegi Stuttgart

Vegi Stuttgart is around for more than 20 years and thus a true institution. Vegi became famous for its incredible yummy falafel that come with different toppings and sauces – most of them vegan. My personal favorite it Falafel Schlossplatz with mango chutney.


But in the end, all of their falafel taste amazing and it’s worth trying the different and actually very creative styles: There is Falafel Gaisburg for example, with a creamy onion sauce on top. Or Falafel Popey with spinach and feta, Falafel Franz Josef with sweet mustard or Falafel Nobama with curry ketchup. And make sure to order the homemade and hand cut fries as a side!

Falafel at Vegi Stuttgart

If falafel is not your thing, you should try the daily soup special!

Vegi Stuttgart is located in the city center, next to Königstraße and on Fridays and Saturdays even open until 4 am!

Inside Vegi Stuttgart

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Vegi Stuttgart (facebook fanpage)


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