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September in Stuttgart in times of Corona

September in Stuttgart

Whoops, where is summer gone?! It felt like autumn the last days… Hopefully September in Stuttgart will bring some more warm days!  As I have explained in the event posts in the last months, I only point out events this September in Stuttgart that are safe to participate in from my personal point of view. This is why this event post is shorter then you know it from pre-Covid-times.

  • The beloved wine festival Stuttgarter Weindorf takes place virtually until September 6. Wine tastings, fun interviews and more await us. However, the streaming will be in German so you should be able to understand a bit of the language in order to enjoy the livestream. But if you want to celebrate your own little Weindorf, you can do so as well. Just buy one of their pre-selected baskets in the online shop and taste wines of the region on your balcony, in your garden or the park!
  • The Cannstatter Wasen, our version of the Okotoberfest, can’t take place this year, too. But you will find a “Mini-Wasen” in the streets of Stuttgart until October 2. At 29 locations (for example at Königstraße or in front of the Stiftskirche) you will find food trucks and some fun-fair-like huts. It is super important that we support these businesses now, otherwise the Canstatter Wasen will be quite empty next year. So “Bratwurst for everybody” and “Hello fairy floss!” 🙂
  • For two years in a row the art installation Stuttgart am Meer (Stuttgart by the sea) at Stadtpalais Stuttgart has brought breach vibes to downtown Stuttgart. This year the festival has changed it’s name to Kopf über Wasser (head above water) and its goal is to help all of us to get through the pandemic as good and happy as we can. You can for example book a time slot for your personal visit to “the dues of Stuttgart” at Stadtpalais and escape the heat of the city – or you have a little BBQ! The art installation will take place at Stadtpalais until September 13
  • The Wasen has turned into a huge pop-up drive-in-cinema. At Kulturwasen you can enjoy “Greatest Showman” on September 5 in the original version.
  • And also the area at Römerkastell has become a huge open-air stage. On September 4 and 5 a Flamenco show awaits you, on September 9 you can enjoy an open air Jazz concert and on September 12 one of my favorite local singers, Fola Dada, will perform at Römerkastell.
  • Join the online meeting of the Empire Study Group of DAZ (Deutsch Amerikanisches Zentrum) on September 11.. Each session focuses on a different article or topic. You will be able to share your experiences as well as your thoughts on a particular subject and reading.
  • Some artists are SO creative. The band Dundu came up with the idea of Spazierkonzerte (promenading concerts). Until September 20 you can enjoy their music every Saturday at Feursee between 3 and 6 pm and at Ecksee in front of the opera house between 6:30 and 9 pm. Bring a picnic blanket, a bottle of wine (maybe from the online shop of Stuttgarter Weindorf ;-)) and enjoy the music!
  • Theaterhaus has put together a special open air program this summer, too. On September 13 for example you can enjoy Eric Gautier, who is not only a famous ballet dancer and choreograph but also a great musician.
  • Go for a hike on September 20, the Day of the Swabian Forest. You can buy drinks along the way.

Transparency: This post contains unpaid advertisements because I link to the events I personally think are worth to participate in.


Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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