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Overview about Coronavirus in Stuttgart in English

Coronavirus in Stuttgart in English

In the light of the current situation I thought I put together an overview about the most important information about Coronavirus in Stuttgart in English to help you guys find answers to the most important questions that might keep you up at night at the moment.

Please note: I only refer to information from trustworthy sources like governmental websites. However I myself am not an official or authorized person in this field nor am I an English native speaker or translator. So be aware that the information you find here might be outdated, incomplete or misinterpreted. It should only be used as an overview. To verify information you find on the internet please always double check with official sites and sources.

A very important source of information is the coronavirus website of the city of Stuttgart: Here you also find a link to information in English (in the column on the right)

Coronavirus in Stuttgart: Extracts from the Ordinance of the State Government

In the following I have put together an overview over the aspects of the ordinance that are most important to most of my readers in my point of view. For the full ordinance in English please visit

1. Prohibition of Staying in the Public Space, of Events and Other Gatherings

  • Staying in the public space is only permitted alone, with another person not living in the household or in the company of members of the own household. Wherever possible, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres is to be kept from other persons in the public space.
  • Outside of the public space, events and other gatherings of more than five people are prohibited, subject to the right of self-organisation of the State Parliament and the local authorities. The prohibition pursuant to Sentence 1 shall apply in particular to meetings in clubs and other sport and leisure facilities, as well as adult education centres, music schools and other public and private educational institutions in the extracurricular sector.

2. Closure of Facilities

  • The operation of  facilities like theaters, museums, cinemas, educational institutions, public pools, sport facilities, youth centers, public libraries, casinos,  brothels, restaurants, fairs, amusement parks, retail outlets (other than shops that sell food and beverages!), public playgrounds and football grounds, hairdressers, tattoo/piercing studios, massage, cosmetic, nail and tanning studios, lodging establishments, camping sites and tourist coaches  shall be prohibited until 19 April 2020.
  • Facilities that remain open include shops that sell food or beverages, weekly markets, pick-up and delivery services, pharmacies, drugstores, medical supply stores, hearing aid acousticians, opticians, practices for medical foot care, petrol stations, post offices, banks and savings banks, as well as service points of telecommunication companies, dry cleaners, laundries, news paper agents, sales outlets for building, gardening and pet supplies, and wholesalers.
  • Service providers, craftsmen and workshops may carry out their activities in full

3. Measures for the Protection of Particularly Vulnerable Persons

  • Facilities for people with care and support needs or with disabilities, including short-term care, may no longer be entered for visiting purposes.

4. Last but not least: Cessation of Operations in Schools, Day Nurseries and Day Care Centers

  • Until the end of 19 April 2020, schools and child care facilities will be closed

Coronavirus in Stuttgart: What else is closed and what remains open?

  • The city hall and all the Bezirksrathäuse and Bürgerbüros are closed for the public. However you can still contact them via email or telephone. For a list that shows how you can get in contact with the different municipal offices please visit
  • The recycling centers (Wertstoffhöfe) remain open for now – however no more than 10 vehicles are allowed on the premises at the same time at the moment.
  • Public transport is still running.

Coronavirus in Stuttgart: Special telephone hotlines

There are special hotlines in place however I cannot guarantee that the person you talk to understands English very well.

Corona Hotline

(0711)216-88888 and (0711)216-88688, specially trained personell answers questions concerning Corona in Stuttgart. Open Monday to Friday from 8am until 6pm.

State health department (Landesgesundheitsamt)

(0711)904-39555, open Monday to Sunday from 9am until 6pm.

Please note: These are only service hotlines. If you feel seriously ill and need immediate care and help please call 112!

Coronavirus in Stuttgart: Where to go to get tested

NEW: The Fieber-Ambulanz at Reitstadion in Bad Cannstatt will be relocated to Jugendherberge Stuttgart Neckarpark and will be open between 10 am and 6 pm

You now need a medical referral from your GP.

Your doctor can also send you to Marienhospital, Klinikum Stuttgart and Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus. They also do Corona tests.

Please note that at the moment only high risk people might get tested.


Do you need any other information about Coronavirus in Stuttgart in English? I will try to find it for you.



Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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Posted on February 13, 2013

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