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Wherever you look in the web these days you find life hacks: Videos or blog posts where people share information that makes your life a little bit easier. So I thought, why not do that for Stuttgart? So this year I want to introduce the new series Stuttgart Hacks on the blog. Here I will be sharing tips that might make your life in Stuttgart a little bit easier. Today I want to start with explaining winter duties in Stuttgart.

Living in Germany comes with a lot of rules attached to it – you might have noticed that already 🙂 One of them is applicable in winter, when there is snow: Winterdienst.

Winter duties mean that you have to clear the sidewalk from snow or ice. It is your responsibility that walking on it is save. If someone slips and gets injured because you haven’t cleared the sidewalk, you will be liable.

You have to rid the sidewalk in front of your house of  the snow and ice on weekdays before 7 am, on Saturdays before 8 am and on Sundays and public holidays before 9 am. Winter duty in Stuttgart ends at 9 pm. And you have to make sure walking on the sidewalk is save throughout the day. When you are not present when it is snowing you have to make sure someone else cares for the part of sidewalk you are responsible for. You can ask a neighbor or book the services of a company that offers Winterdienst.

Stuttgart Hack: sand and gravel help make the sidewalk safer to walk on even when there is some ice left after you’ve cleared it. You can buy gravel in shops like OBI, Bauhaus, Hornbach… but sometimes even in supermarkets like Edeka or even discounters like Aldi. Please be aware that you are not allowed to use salt for your winter duties in Stuttgart! 

More information:

Kiramiga – Winter duties


Disclaimer: Please note that I put together the posts with great care. However I can not be held responsible for any missing, inaccurate or outdated information. 


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