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Events in Stuttgart in 2020

events in stuttgart in 2020

This post is about the major events in Stuttgart in 2020. I have put together a list of my personal highlights. In order to find out more about specific events and things to do here in Stuttgart, visit the category Events in Stuttgart and make sure you check out the blog regularly for my monthly post about fun things to do in this particular month.

Events in Stuttgart in 2020: CMT

I loooove to travel. In order to get new inspiration for my next trips I like to visit the CMT, the world’s largest public trade fair for tourism and leisure.  Many countries represent themselves at the fair and you can enjoy shows and international food samples. You can visit CMT between January 11 and 19 at Messe Stuttgart.

Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Visit the fair CMT

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Long Night of Museums

This is the perfect event if you want to get to know the cultural scene in Stuttgart in a short time. Last year, over 80 museums and cultural institutions participated. With one ticket you have admission to all of them. The selection can be quite overwhelming so it is best to plan the night beforehand. I recommend visiting not more than four different locations otherwise the night gets too stressful. Most of the museums offer specials event on this night, like live music, food stands, special tours and such. One more recommendation: try to mix well-known locations you had on your bucked list for ages with places you haven’t heard about. I promise, you will find the one or other gem. Lange Nacht der Museen will take place on March 19.

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Frühlingsfest

It belongs to Stuttgart like the TV Tower: the Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest. You could call it the spring version of Oktoberfest, based at Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart. Next to the inevitable beer tents you will find a lot of fun rides and food stalls. The Frühlingsfest is on between April 18 and Mai 10.

Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Visit Frühlingsfest

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Festival of Animated Film

The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) is one of the most important events for animated film worldwide. It is all about current productions, including the crossovers between games, architecture, art, design and comedy. They will put up a large screen at Schlossplatz where you can watch animated short films for free. Other productions will be screened at the movie theatres nearby. The festival will be in Stuttgart between May 5 and 10.

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Knights Tournament and Market

If you’re interested in medieval times, the Knights Tournament and Market at Reitstadion Cannstatter Wasen might be for you. Between May 21 to 24 you can watch tournaments and shows, listen to music and shop at the medieval market.

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Stuttgart-Lauf

You’re a runner? Then you should sign up for THE running event in Stuttgart, the Stuttgart-Lauf. The main events are the half marathon and a 7-km-run. But there’s also events for kids, for walking and nordic walking as well as a handbike- and wheelchair-half-marathon. The Stuttgart-Run takes place on June 27 and 28.

Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Participate in Stuttgart-Lauf

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Heusteigviertelfest

One of my most favorite street festivals in Stuttgart in 2020 is Heusteigviertelfest. I love the laid back atmosphere at Heusteig quarter anyway and all the pretty old  houses you find there. And during the festival the quarter gets even lovelier. The selection of bands is great every time,  the food stands offer yummy snacks and drinks and everybody is very relaxed. I like! 🙂 The festival is held between June 26 to 28.

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Hamburger Fischmarkt

If there is one thing missing in Stuttgart to make it THE greatest city in the whole wide world, it is the ocean :-D. But don’t worry, you will feel close to the sea when visiting Hamburg Fish Market between July 16 to 26 at Karlsplatz. While enjoying fish in all shapes and sizes you can listen to bands from Hamburg performing traditional music from the German coast but also Jazz and pieces from musicals.

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Jazz-Open

Lenny Kravitz, Jamie Cullum and John Legend are just three of the great performers that will visit Stuttgart between July 9 to 19 for the legendary Jazz-Open Stuttgart. In front of the beautiful backdrop of Altes Schloss, some of the best Jazz artists of our days will perform for us. Insider tip: If you don’t get a ticket for your favorite act, bring a blanket and sit down on the grass in front of the entrance at Schlossplatz. There you can listen to the music for free while having a picnic.

Jazz-Open Stuttgart

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Festival of Lights

Höhenpark Killesberg is a treasure anyway. But when it is lit with thousands of lights on a warm summer night, it will take your breath away. Lichterfest is truly a beautiful experience for the whole family and the fireworks at night will enchant you. The Festival of Lights is held on July 11 all over Höhenpark Killesberg.

Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Visit Licherfest

Photo credit: in.Stuttgart / Isabell Munck

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Summer Festival of Cultures

Stuttgart has become a melting pot of cultures. This is most visible at Sommerfestival der Kulturen, when participants from all around the world express their cultural background in shows, with food and artwork. Between July 14 to 19  you can join the festival at Marktplatz.

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Sommerfest

This is definitely the most stylish of all festivals in Stuttgart: At Sommerfest you find white pavilions around Ecksee in front of the opera house and people sipping on sparkling wine while listening to music. Throw on your fines summer dress between August 6 and 9 this year!

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Stuttgart Wine Festival

Stuttgart is a mecca for wine lovers. Not only because of all the vineyards spread around the city, also due to the annual Stuttgarter Weindorf. Nearly 30 open-air restaurants, the typical “Weinlauben“, offer around 500 local wines and local food. The relaxed festival is held in the city center between August 26 and September 6.

Stuttgarter Weindorf

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Cannstatter Volksfest

Forget crowded Oktoberfest in Munich, visit Cannstatter Volksfest! 😉 Fun rides, food stalls and of course beer tents await you between September 25 and October 11 at Cannstatter Wasen. 

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Events in Stuttgart in 2020: Christmas Market

The Weihnachtsmarkt in Stuttgart is not only one of the biggest Christmas Markets in Germany, it is also one of the most beautiful ones, due to the lovely roof decoration of the 300 stalls. Between November 25 to December 23 it will spread from Schlossplatz via Schillerplatz over to Marktplatz. Plus you will find a special Finnish Christmas Village at Karlsplatz. Next to shopping and enjoying Christmas themed food and drinks at the stalls you will find a little train and other fun rides for kids, an ice rink, an oversized Christmas calendar at the city hall and live music.

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So these are my favorite events in Stuttgart in 2020. What are you looking forward to the most?

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