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My 7 favorite stalls at Stuttgart Christmas market 2019

Stuttgart Christmas market 2019

There are around 300 stalls at Stuttgart Christmas market 2019 but some of them stand out. Here comes my last minute top 7 list of stalls you should not miss this year. If you haven’t visited them yet: You have 3 more days to do so! 🙂

Top 7 stall at Stuttgart Christmas market 2019

If you feel like Swabian food, have the Schwaben Liebe plate at curlles culinarium! It comes with one Maultasche (they even have vegetarian ones!!) and Käsespätzle (Swabian cheese noodles). And at currles the Käsespätzle are not made with a random cheese, no! They have a huge cheese wheel of Bergkäse/mountain cheese where they put the hot noodles in. Käsespätzle and Maultaschen are not a traditional Christmas dish but if you want to try local food while visiting Stuttgart Christmas market, this is your chance. currles culinarium is located at Marktplatz, next to the fountain. Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 curls

Top 6 stall at Christmas market 2019

Here comes a traditional food of Stuttgart Christmas market that isn’t even German: Langos! Langosh is a Hungarian speciality and consists of deep fried dough with various toppings. My favorite topping: garlic sauce! If you don’t want to smell like garlic for the rest of the day, sour cream and cheese is also awesome and very popular 🙂 There are two stalls that sell Langos that I can recommend personally. One of them is also located at Marktplatz next to the fountain, the other one is next to Altes Schloss, in Dorotheenstraße. Stuttgart Christmas market 2019 Langos

Top 5 stall at Stuttgart Christmas market 2019

Christstollen, a traditional German fruit bread, is very popular for the Christmas season. You can buy it in many bakeries and even supermarkets like Edeka and even Aldi sells them. I have to admit I was never a huge fan because mostly the bakeries use candied fruits and raisins and the bread tastes too sweet and is a bit dry. BUT this year I have found a stall that sells what I think is the best Christstollen in the whole wide world! 🙂 Directly at Schlossplatz you find Beckabeck and they sell Albstollen. You HAVE TO try it! Instead of raisins they use cherries and that makes a huuuuge difference. The bread is juicy and sososooooo tasty! I came back 3 times to buy new Christstollen this year! 🙂 Stuttgart Christmas market 2019 Christstollen

Top 4 stall at Stuttgart Christmas market 2019

You find the BEST Glühwein of Stuttgart Christmas market at Schillerplatz. The stall Zum Schäfer sells Glühwein that is made with wine from the local vineyard Zaiß. They produce high quality wine and therefore the Glühwein is also really good. Next to the traditional red mulled wine they even sell white and rosé Glühwein! How awesome is that?! 😀 My favorite is the white one.

Stuttgart Christmas market 2019 Zum Schäfer best Glühwein

Top 3 stall at Stuttgart Christmas market 2019

The Finnish version of Glühwein is called Glögi and you can try it at Karlsplatz at the Finnish Christmas Village. Glögi is made of Finnish berries. If the German Glühwein is a bit too sweet for your taste Glögi might be your drink of choice. Less sweet, more fruity. Stuttgart Christmas market 2019 Glögi

Top 2 stall at Stuttgart Christmas market 2019

If all these fruity hot drinks are not your thing, how about Mead?! There is only one stall at Stuttgart Christmas market that sells it and you find it next to Schillerplatz on Kirchstraße (in between Schillerplatz and Marktplatz). This stall is super traditional and has been around for 40 years! They even sell an alcohol free punsh that is infused with real honey and tastes REALLY good (as a breastfeeding mom I am always super thankful when I find yummy alternatives to the alcoholic drinks and this punsh made my day :-)). This year, Moritz has tried their Mead with cherry juice and liked it a lot, too. This stall also sells a lot of honey themed (alcoholic) beverages and products for take away. Stuttgart Christmas market 2019 Mead

Top 1 stall at Stuttgart Christmas market 2019

Two words: Smoked salmon! No, four words: World best smoked salmon!!! “Where?!?” you might ask now. At the Finnish Christmas Village at Karlsplatz. Seriously, if you like salmon you DO NOT WANT TO MISS this stall. Their salmon is amazing. They have open fires next to the stall and smoke the fish right there. You can order a plate of smoked salmon or smoked salmon in a bread roll. Either option tastes delicious. Again: YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT! Trust me! 🙂

Stuttgart Christmas market 2019 smoked salmon

These are my personal top 7 stalls at Stuttgart Christmas market 2019. Do you have a favorite stall, too? What makes it so special and why do you like this one in particular? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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