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DIY Cupcakes at Cafe Isla in Stuttgart

Cafe Isla in Stuttgart

I love cupcakes. So you can imagine that when I learned that there is a cafe where you can create your own cupcakes, I wanted to try it instantly. Here comes my review of Cafe Isla in Stuttgart.

[Transparency: This article contains non-paid advertisements based on personal experience.]

Cafe Isla is a small and cozy place, located at Hospitalviertel, close to Berliner Platz/Liederhalle.

Cafe Isla in Stuttgart entrance

The name “Isla” is Spanish and translates to island. And that’s actually what this cafe wants to be: an island of relaxation in downtown Stuttgart. And I have to say I felt quite relaxed when I was there. It was not crowded at all.

Cafe Isla in Stuttgart inside

You can have breakfast, brunch or lunch here or just pop in for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake or a DIY cupcake. The lunch menu changes every week and they are actually quite proud of their homemade pies, something you don’t get that often in Stuttgart.

I had to try the DIY cupcake! You can make a selection of the different ingredients at the bar and then enjoy your own, very special creation.

Cafe Isla in Stuttgart DIY cupcake ingredients

I chose a regular cupcake for the basis with chocolate and coconut cream. Yummy 🙂

Cafe Isla in Stuttgart DIY cupcake

It came out quite big actually and didn’t look much like a cupcake anymore 😀

And actually also the hot chocolate is kind of a DIY thing – you get served hot milk and organic chocolate drops which you put together yourself. I like 🙂

Cafe Isla in Stuttgart hot chocolate

What I liked about Cafe Isla in Stuttgart

I really liked the relaxed atmosphere and the stylish interior. And creating your own cupcake is definitely fun, too.

What I didn’t like

All the desserts me and my friends tried were very sweet. I personally like it sweet but for some it was a bit too much.

More information

Cafe Isla in Stuttgart


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Posted on July 8, 2013

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  1. Anna - Café Isla
    2 years ago

    Hi Mel, thank you for this post! Apparently your visit is quite some time ago. You should definitely come and pay us a visit again. We have improved on our recipes since and bake them less sweet. In fact just today we made a chocolate hazelnut cake with coconut sugar instead of white sugar. Come and have a bite, I’m sure you’ll like it! 🙂

    1. Mellivinginstuttgart
      2 years ago

      Hi Anna,
      thank you for your message. Yes, I have visited Café Isla quite a few times before I had my baby but never managed to post my review earlier. And as I wrote in my post, I liked your desserts how they were when I visited your café. But it is good to know that they are less sweet too for the people who don’t like it too sweet. I will definitely be back 😀


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