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A guide to Stuttgartnacht 2019 for non-German-speakers

Mark October 19 in your calendar! Why? Because it’s Stuttgartnacht 2019! In this post I point out all the fun events and locations you can visit and enjoy even if you don’t speak German.

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Stuttgartnacht is one of my favorite events in Stuttgart every year. With one ticket (18 Euro) you’ll get admission to over sixty venues like theatres, live clubs, cinemas, churches and more – and all await you with a special program. Of course many of the shows are offered in German but there are still a lot of venues you can visit at Stuttgartnacht 2019 if you don’t speak the language.

Here come my favorite places, shows and exhibitions at Stuttgartnacht 2019 for non-German-speakers:

  • Enjoy an African Dance Night at the City Hall/Rathaus! As the city of Stuttgart celebrates the 40. anniversary of it’s partnership with the city of Cairo you can enjoy a lot of African attractions like belly dance shows, Henna hand painting, a photo exhibition about Cairo and more. And as every year you can ride the historical lift Paternoster and visit the bell tower which is usually closed for the public. Stuttgartnacht 2018
  • The Stuttgart Ballet Company will perform four entertaining pieces at 7:30 pm at Schauspielhaus.
  • Don’t miss the Burlesque Show at Frau Blum. Performances start every full hour from 7 to 11 pm. Make sure to arrive early as it will be crowded!
  • A very special location for an event night like Stuttgartnacht 2019 is definitely Graveyard Heslach. Here you can listen to funeral Jazz from New Orleans and Gospels.
  • At Chivasso Conditorei a creative mix of different music genres awaits you: from Polkabeats to Folk, from Rock to Metal and from Jazz to House.
  • More music: Tango and Percussion sounds will be performed at Matthäuskirche.
  • Relax at a meditative sound journey at Cielo, starting at 7 pm. Afterwards Tango, Butoh, Zentangle and more await you.
  • A fun Ghostwalk in English will take place at 10 pm. You will lean more about spooky monks, a headless horseman and other shady figures… Meeting point it the corner of the city hall/Rathaus where Hirschstraße leads into Marktplatz. Ghostwalk Stuttgartnacht 2019
  • How about exploring Stuttgart-Ost on an e-bike? You can do so with Stuttgart by Bike, starting at 7 pm at Hackstraße 2. If you need to rent an e-bike please contact the organizers via email:
  • Kraftpaule is famous for it’s great selection of craft beer. At Stuttgartnacht 2019 the location will be the home of live Rock’n Roll music and an hourly Burlesque show.
  • What does the night sky above Stuttgart look like? Find it out at Sternwarte Stuttgart!

But Stuttgartnacht 2019 doesn’t end at midnight. On the contrary, you can dance the night away at the following locations:

For more information about Stuttgartnacht 2019 visit

Picture credit for all photos above: PV Projekt Verlag


Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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Posted on July 16, 2019

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    […] Stuttgartnacht is one of my favorite annual events in Stuttgart! This year, on October 19, 60 venues like theaters, clubs, churches, cinemas… participate. You buy one ticket and can visit as many as you want. THE chance to get to know a lot about Stuttgart in one night! […]


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