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August in Stuttgart

August in Stuttgart

Summertime in Stuttgart! This means that a lot of events are open-air-events and it’s all about celebrating the still long evenings and warm temperatures. Read along and find out what’s up this August in Stuttgart. Some of the highlight events are Sommerfest and Weindorf

  • The festival Stuttgart am Meer/Stuttgart at the sea continues throughout August in Stuttgart in front of Stadtpalais. A pool with cold water waits your feet on a hot summer day, the urban jungle that is installed outside the museum invites you to relax underneath the green leaves and between August 15 and 25 a mobile surf wave waits to be conquered.
  • Every Thursday throughout August you can visit the Feierabendmarkt/After Work Market in Untertürkheim. Live music, street food as well as local wines and beer await you.
  • Stuttgart’s most posh festival is Sommerfest/Summer Festival in front of the Opera House. Here you can enjoy a glass of wine and actually high quality food while promenading around Ecksee between August 1 and 4. To learn more about this festival, check out my review about my visit in 2013. Sommerfest Stuttgart at Ecksee in front of the Opera House
  • The festival Umsonst&Draußen/Free and outside is the biggest not-for-profi festival in Stuttgart and a true institution. From August 2 to 4 you can listen to live music, meet interesting people and relax on the grass. Everybody is welcome and the only real rule is that you don’t bring your own booze or food.
  • Explore Stuttgart by e-bike on August 3.
  • The lovely little restaurant Flora & Fauna organizes a Silent Open Air Disco on August 3.
  • On August 3 and 10  you can dance salsa at Mercedes-Benz-Museum at Salza unter den Sternen/Salsa underneath the stars.
  • Weltcafe at Charlottenplatz organizes the intercultural festival BeneFeet on August 3. Music will await you in the backyard of the building as well as inside the café as well as stands and of course food and drinks.
  • Enjoy the sunset from Stuttgart’s version of the Taj Mahal, the Grabkapelle, on August 4 with live music and food and drinks at Auf den Stufen/On the steps.
  • The New American English Theater (NEAT) will perform Love’s been good to me by Rod McKuen on August 5 at Merlin.
  • On August 10 you can bring some colours in your life, at Holi Festival of Colours Stuttgart. It takes place at Neckarpark.
  • A huge Kinderfest/Kids Festival will be organized by Flughafen Stuttgart on August 10 and 11. A zipline, a dog show, a bike parcours and lot’s of games await your little ones.
  • On August 16 Wagenhallen celebrate the Hello Stuttgart Festival with live music of different genres: Reggae, HipHop, Soul, Caribbean,…
  • The famous opera Carmen will be performed open air at Freilichtbühne Killesberg on August 16.
  • If you like professional fireworks Flammende Sterne/Flaming Stars in Ostfildern is for you! Between August 16 and 18 pyrotechnic teams from all over the world will show off their skills.
  • Dance salsa at Wagenhallen on August 24 at Noche de Salsa.
  • Between August 28 and September 8 Stuttgart will celebrate local wines at Stuttgarter Weindorf. More than 30 hosts and winemakers will be present. Visit one of the Lauben for a glass of wine.
  • Stuttgarts most famous local brewery, Stuttgarter Hofbräu, organizes a Brewery Festival on August 31: You can try different beer types, create your own beer label in a foot booth and listen to live music.
  • Shop for second hand stuff at Wagenhallen Sommerflohmarkt/Wagenhallen Summer Flea Market on August 31.
  • This year, the famous Woodstock festival celebrates it’s 50s anniversary. And at Wagenhallen, the organize a huge Woodstock Anniversary Party on August 31.


Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". I am Mel and I love this beautiful city. There are so many things to explore, I can't wait sharing them with you. So come along and let me show you Stuttgart the way I see it.

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