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Adventurous hike through Wutach Gorge in the Black Forest

Wutach Gorge makes a beautiful destination for a weekend getaway.

You’re looking for a fun and somewhat adventurous weekend getaway from Stuttgart? Beautiful Wutach Gorge in the Black Forest is a fascinating area and will thrill hikers, nature lovers and (hobby) geologists at the same time.

Wutach Gorge in the Black Forest is 33 kilometers long and consists of 60- to 170-metre-deep gorges. You can hike along the river (note that it goes up and down all the time and can be quite slippery) and enjoy the amazing flora and fauna.

A good starting point for a hike down the river in the gorge is Schattenmühle (shadow mill). From here you only follow the signs (or the other hikers) and are in the gorge within minutes.

Start your hike through Wutach gorge at Schattenmühle

You will hike through lush green vegetation and pass interesting geological formations. For those of you interested in geology: The Wutach gorge is a beautiful example of the South German Scarplands. While hiking down the gorge you will pass several layers of sedimentary rock showing granite, bunter sand stone, tufa and keuper. It’s like walking through the history of our earth.

Sedimentary rock at Wutach gorge

The hike itself is a treat. You will enjoy the beautiful vegetation, several waterfalls and if you’re lucky you might even see a fire salamander.

Hiking Wutachschlucht

At one point you will pass the area where famous Bad Boll, a spa resort, was located in the early 20th century. Nothing is left of this resort nowadays but an alley of old trees and a small chapel.

The alley of Bad Boll in the Wutach gorge

I will leave you with some more impressions of the hike along Wutach gorge and, at the end of this post, some links to websites with more information.

Eldorado for nature lovers: Wutach gorge

Please note that you should only hike Wutach gorge when you have proper boots and don’t mind slippery and steep hiking paths.

More information about:

Wutach gorge (only in German)

Great places to stay are the campsite or hay hut at Bruderhof or the beds at Schattenmühle:

Schattenmühle (only in German)

Bruderhof (only in German)

There is a bus for hikers that runs between several entrances to the gorge:



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